Word family noun hanger hanging overhang adjective hanging verb hang overhang
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hanghang1 /hæŋ/ ●●● S1 W2 verb (past tense and past participle hung /hʌŋ/) 1 top part fastened a) [transitive always + adverb/preposition] (also hang up)ATTACH to put something in a position so that the top part is fixed or supported, and the bottom part is free to move and does not touch the ground Philip hung his coat on a hook behind the door. She hung the sheets on the washing line. b) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]DOWN to be in a position where the top part is fixed or supported, and the bottom part is free to move and does not touch the ground An old-fashioned gas lamp hung from the ceiling. Her long hair hung loose about her shoulders. The shirt hung down almost to his ankles.2 picture etc a) [transitive] to fix a picture, photograph etc to a wall I wanted to hang the picture in the hall. b) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]ATTACH if a picture, photograph etc is hanging somewhere, it is fixed to a wall There was a family photograph hanging on the wall. c) be hung with somethingSHOW/LET somebody SEE something if the walls of a room are hung with pictures or decorations, the pictures etc are on the walls The entrance hall was hung with rich tapestries.3 kill/be killed (past tense and past participle hanged) [intransitive, transitive]SCKILL to kill someone by dropping them with a rope around their neck, or to die in this way, especially as a punishment for a serious crimebe hanged for something He was hanged for murder.hang yourself Corey hanged himself in his prison cell. If he is found guilty, he will almost certainly hang.4 paper [transitive]DH to fasten attractive paper to a wall in order to decorate a room We spent the afternoon hanging wallpaper.5 door [transitive]ATTACH to fasten a door in position Hanging a door is quite a tricky job. 6 mist/smoke/smell [intransitive + adverb/preposition]STAY/NOT LEAVE if something such as smoke hangs in the air, it stays in the air for a long time The smoke from the bonfires hung in the air. A thick mist hung over the town.7 hang open8 hang in the balance9 hang by a thread10 hang (on) in there11 hang your head12 hang fire13 leave something hanging in the air14 hang a right/left15 [intransitive] American English spoken to spend time somewhere, relaxing and enjoying yourselfhang with We were just hanging with the dudes at Mike’s house.16 I’ll be hanged if17 hang it (all)18 hang something19 I/you might as well be hanged for a sheep as (for) a lamb hang about hang about with somebody hang around/round (something) hang around with somebody hang back hang on hang on to something hang out hang over something/somebody hang together hang up
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Examples from the Corpus
hangA frame should complement the picture, but it may also relate to the room in which the painting hangs.And how had Brampton been hanged?We had the usual half-hour hanging about for Kerrison.Most of the time we hang at my house.Hold one end of the rope in your hand and let the other end hang down.During the Civil War, Milligan hanged for treason.In the corner of the room was a large lamp, hanging from the ceiling.Meanwhile, with its future hanging in the balance, Fokker is starting to feel the pinch.A small study for the painting hangs in the J. Paul Getty Museum.Where do you think we should hang it?He stood very still, his arms hanging loosely, his feet apart.That work involved hanging more than 380 individual pieces.The keys are hanging on a nail by the door.Baker wants everyone to hang out and watch while at Scottsdale or on the road against National League teams...A vast pink tongue was hanging out of the creature's mouth between a pair of the longest, sharpest teeth imaginable.A picture of their parents hangs over the bedroom door.When are we going to hang the lights on the Christmas tree, Mommy?But he was hanging up her coat and appeared not to notice the edge on her voice.The children are hanging up the decorations for the party.Hang your coat on the hook.hang yourselfAfter 75 days of being brutalized and sexually assaulted by other inmates and ignored by the prison guards, Rodney hanged himself.She brought up the subject of an inquest on a man who had hanged himself.Then, alone in his dressing room, he cheerfully prepared a noose with which to hang himself.No one used the cloakroom where Jarvis's grandfather had hanged himself and no grown-up person ever would.He thought about hanging himself from the roof beam, but lacked the resolve.Government reports assert that Captain Lorenzo hanged himself in his cell.The official responsible for explaining this stance hanged himself the week before I read this book.Like an amiable but daffy uncle, he repeatedly hangs himself with his own anecdotes.hang withWe saw Pamela hanging with Connie.
hanghang2 ●○○ noun get the hang of something
Examples from the Corpus
hangHis great-grandson could have taken Paul by the hand and helped everyone get the hang ofit.Floy had begun to get the hang of riding after a while.He side-slipped neatly; he was getting the hang of the thing.I've got the hang of it now.I got out of the hang of it.