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handlehan‧dle1 /ˈhændl/ ●●● S1 W2 verb 1 do work [transitive] to do the things that are necessary to complete a job I handled most of the paperwork. The case is being handled by a top lawyer. The finance department handles all the accounts. Computers can handle huge amounts of data.2 deal with a situation [transitive] to deal with a situation or problem by behaving in a particular way and making particular decisions The headmaster handled the situation very well. I knew I had handled the matter badly. Leave it to me. I can handle it. Most customers were satisfied with the way their complaints were handled. Opposition leaders will be watching carefully to see how the prime minister handles the crisis.see thesaurus at deal3 deal with a personTREAT/BEHAVE TOWARDS [transitive] to deal with a person or behave towards them in a particular way, especially in order to keep them happy Some customers are quite difficult to handle.4 not become upset [transitive] to not become upset in a difficult situation She can’t handle it when people criticize her. He doesn’t handle stress very well.5 hold [transitive]HOLD to touch something or pick it up and hold it in your hands He had never handled a weapon before. We teach the children to handle the animals gently. He was roughly handled by the mob.see thesaurus at touch 6 control a vehicle a) [transitive]CONTROL to control the movement of a vehicle or an animal I didn’t know if I’d be able to handle such a large vehicle. b) [intransitive]CONTROL the way a vehicle handles is how easy it is to controlhandles well/badly The car handles well, even on wet roads.7 move goods [transitive] to move goods from one place to another The Post Office handles nearly 2 billion letters and parcels over the Christmas period.8 buy/sell goods [transitive]BBT to buy or sell goods Bennet was charged with handling stolen goods.
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Examples from the Corpus
handleThe whole situation has been very badly handled.There were a few problems, but nothing I couldn't handle.Jones has handled a wide variety of criminal cases.You'll receive specific training on how to handle angry customers.This extends across all five years and gives students the opportunity to handle animals from the start of the course.I can only handle Bob for about fifteen minutes.This violin is very old and valuable and must be handled carefully.A lot of people find it difficult to handle criticism.Three or four staff members handle incoming telephone calls.You were very discreet about the whole thing - I appreciate the way you handled it.It is the key format for handling large volumes of information.He handled me the way I wanted to be treated.I knew I would have to be very careful how I handled Odette - she was so emotional.At one time, AT&T handled over 70% of the nation's long-distance calls.Francis is a natural leader. He's very good at handling people.You should wash your hands after handling raw meat.Bennet was charged with handling stolen goods.HPC Architects handled the architectural work.Carver handles the basketball with confidence and skill.Please do not handle the fruit and vegetables.She doesn't want anyone to think she can't handle the pressure.It's her first year as a doctor, but she is handling the pressures of the job very well.The better way to handle the situation is to render the cats infertile without actually neutering them.Cleaning the beat meant fitting each new situation into past patterns, trying to handle them according to traditional recipes.Lieutenant Richards will tell you that each of the weapons was carefully handled to preserve any possible latent fingerprints.Always handle your food jar with care.handles well/badlyOn the road it handles well.Products which fall in the top left-hand group are those which are in attractive markets and which the company handles well.But it handles well and comes with a comprehensive safety package.The paint is soft, handles well and is easily thinned with water, though of course it is waterproof when dry.And it handles well on independent coil suspension with roll well controlled.handling stolen goodsAt Teesside Crown Court yesterday, Francis, 36, admitted handling stolen goods.Jacqueline MacPherson faced a charge of handling stolen goods.John Henry, 26, of Bexley Heath, will be sentenced later for handling stolen goods.Rootham, of Tower Green, Middlesbrough, also admitted theft and handling stolen goods.They swallowed it and said they were charging me with handling stolen goods.Randhawa admitted obtaining by deception, burglary, handling stolen goods and making a threat to kill Miss Nazir.
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ldoce_146_ehandlehandle2 ●●● S1 W3 noun [countable] 1 DTthe part of a door that you use for opening it Then he turned the handle and went in.2 briefcase.jpg DTthe part of an object that you use for holding it a knife with a carved wooden handle the handle of his cup a broom handle3 get a handle on something fly off the handle at fly1(16)
Examples from the Corpus
handleMany silver pap boats were converted into cream boats by adding a handle and feet.a knife with an ivory handleThe Blue Fog features large patches of rust, an oil leak, a loose handle and a temperamental pull cord.In front of Twoflower, at chest height, was a small handle shaped like a brass dragon.I take the box, and hold it proudly by its string handle.Sensing trouble, I let go of the handles of my new barrow and ran into the crowd.She went over and tried one of the handles, but the cabinet was locked.Then she was twisting the handle and discovering Oliver was not home.
From King Business Dictionaryhandlehan‧dle /ˈhændl/ verb [transitive]1to deal with a difficult situation or problemFirst-time travelers get some peace of mind when an agency handles everything.2to deal with a particular client or productShe handles all our major clients.3if you handle a particular job, you are responsible for doing itHe will handle merchandising and advertising as well as retaining his duties as president.4COMMERCEto buy, sell, or deal with goods or services in business or tradeDomestic car manufacturers have said their dealers are free to handle foreign cars if they wish.5TRANSPORTto move goods etc from one place to anotherWe handle large volumes of imported goods.→ See Verb tableOrigin handle2 Old English