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hallhall /hɔːl $ hɒːl/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] 1 DHentrance the area just inside the door of a house or other building, that leads to other rooms SYN hallwayin the hall We hung our coats in a cupboard in the hall. a huge tiled entrance hall2 TBBcorridor a passage in a building or house that leads to many of the rooms SYN corridor, hallway Each floor had ten rooms on both sides of the hall.3 TBBpublic building a building or large room for public events such as meetings or dancessports/exhibition/banqueting etc hall The school has a new sports hall. Five hundred people filled the lecture hall.church/village hall (=used by people who live in a place) A coffee morning is to be held in the village hall. a concert at Carnegie Hall city hall(2), concert hall, dance hall, music hall(2), town hall4 for students especially British EnglishSEC a college or university building where students live SYN hall of residence, dorm American Englishin hall For a brief time Tom and Dave had shared a room in hall.
Examples from the Corpus
hallThe certificate is supposed to be obtained from city hall.City hall staffers said the mayor is busy campaigning for re-election and did not have time to discuss the park proposal.As a freshman, you can either live in West Bennet or Drummond Hall.Each hall offers an advanced technical specification and the very latest technology.And use the toilet shortly before entering the examination hall.We heard the principal coming down the hall.I would have to thank Kalmenzohn, too. l went out into the hall and took up my backpack.Coats, bags and shoes were to be left in the corridors and not brought in to the hall.He moves from hotel to hall in sleek limousines.His first experience in magic had been to give a show at the Miners Welfare hall at the age of 11.entrance hallThe Secretary's office was newly located downstairs, in the area to the left of the Club's entrance hall.Internally, the only significant architectural feature was the two-storey entrance hall, and this is to be retained.Both the entrance hall and the grand banqueting room on the first floor can be hired.But at least they had removed the studio photograph of a royal princess which until recently had graced the entrance hall.The paint in the entrance hall is peeling, and the floor of their stark flat consists of bare concrete.I left the car out front and climbed the wide marble steps to the entrance hall.The entrance hall of the hotel was as big as a railway station itself.The entrance hall should be a warm, welcoming area.church/village hallHe started running an aerobics session in a church hall in Neasden, North London, and soon expanded.Cottage and village hall ceilings come high on their list of favourite dropping places.His regular audiences are to be found in schools, libraries and village halls.And for the youngsters, the Old Swan makes the old village hall seem like a hangover.The comedy will be on stage at the village hall from November 18-21.Heighington Society boost: More than £90 was raised by a successful sale held in the village hall for the show society.The village hall, built in 1912, is a busy and thriving place.
Origin hall Old English heall