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hairbrushhair‧brush /ˈheəbrʌʃ $ ˈher-/ noun [countable] hair_brush.jpg DCBa brush you use on your hair to make it smooth
Examples from the Corpus
hairbrushShe in turn threw a hairbrush at him, her favorite hairbrush, ivory white, with an embossed back.He opens a dresser drawer and picks out a cheap hairbrush, then a pharmacy bottle containing a single capsule of Prozac.There was a small dressing-table in Matilda's bedroom with her hairbrush and comb on it and two library books.Every night at bedtime I hide his hairbrush in his pillow and sometimes he hides my shoes in the washing machine.His hairbrush, razor, everything I'd previously touched, had relinquished his identity.My hair fell out, leaving tufts of dry lifeless strands tangled in hairbrushes or in the shower drain.Iron stoves, buttons, ships, shirts, hairbrushes, paint, steam engines, books.She shook her head, tugging the hairbrush vigorously through her tangled auburn locks.