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haddockhad‧dock /ˈhædək/ noun (plural haddock) [countable, uncountable] HBFa common fish that lives in northern seas and is often used as food
Examples from the Corpus
haddockCertainly, Troy has enough troubles in his life without worrying about haddock.Similar observations can be made for flounder and haddock.The delicious kippers and haddock come from Portsoy.The speciality, not to be missed, is fresh fillet of haddock.This includes an extra 750 tonnes of haddock and 800 tonnes of hake.Skippers will have either to throw away the haddock or risk prosecution by bringing them ashore.He does not need to interrogate the old salts on the dock to find out why haddock is high-priced.
Origin haddock (1300-1400) Anglo-French hadoc, from Old French hadot