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habitathab‧i‧tat /ˈhæbətæt/ ●○○ noun [countable, uncountable] HOMEthe natural home of a plant or animal watching monkeys in their natural habitat The grassland is an important habitat for many wild flowers.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + habitatsomething’s natural habitat (=the type of place where an animal or plant usually lives or grows)She studies gorillas in their natural habitat.something’s native habitat (=the particular place where an animal or plant lives or grows)Even in its native habitat, the plant is very rare.a wildlife habitatThe land next to the harbour is perhaps the most threatened wildlife habitat in Britain.a woodland/wetland/grassland/marshland habitat (=a place in a wood, etc where animals and plants live or grow)The owl inhabits woodland habitats from Scotland to southern Spain.a coastal habitat (=a place near the coast where animals and plants live or grow)Dolphins are vulnerable to these poisons because of their coastal habitat.a marine habitat (=a place in the sea where animals and plants live and grow)Cuttlefish are found in marine habitats worldwide.an important habitatThe island is an important habitat for exotic animals.verbsdamage/destroy a habitatWidening the road will uproot trees and damage wildlife habitat.provide a habitat (=be suitable and available as a home for particular animals or plants)Marshes provide the habitat of many species of wading birds.conserve/protect a habitat (=prevent it from changing or being damaged)These measures will protect the habitat of endangered species such as wolves.create a habitatThe aim is to create a suitable breeding habitat for rare birds.phrasesloss of habitatElephants are menaced by poaching and loss of habitat.the destruction of a habitatIt is in south Texas that the destruction of the bird’s habitat has been most alarming.
Examples from the Corpus
habitatAncient habitats such as grasslands, bogs, and wetlands are rapidly disappearing.Not only have tigers doubled in numbers, but other species and habitats have benefited.Some attacked the fact that faster growth has been environmentally unsound, creating excessive carbon emissions and destroying natural habitats.Any birdwatcher would just look in a range book, look at the description of habitat and start hiking.The school site is located in prime pygmy owl habitat.Unlike our previous habitats, it had personality.Suburban gardens can provide habitats for many forms of wildlife.Our supply of iron is divided up among ten billion space habitats, each carrying one million residents.Further building development would threaten valuable badger and red squirrel habitats.Make a resolution to spend more time in the coming year visiting inspiring wild habitats.natural habitatSome attacked the fact that faster growth has been environmentally unsound, creating excessive carbon emissions and destroying natural habitats.His natural habitat is the graph, his occupation the computer simulation.Plantations of exotic non-native trees use up large quantities of water, which can have adverse affects on natural habitats.To determine our mating system we need to know our natural habitat and our past.The owl's natural habitat is in the forests of the Northwest.In their bright colors, they looked like an exotic group of forest creatures grazing their natural habitat.In indoor aquariums we can prepare much better and more stable conditions than are offered in their natural habitat.On the shelves there were fish swimming in the air as if it was their natural habitat.
HabitatHabitat trademark a store that sells furniture and other things for the home. The stores are sometimes inside other, larger stores. Habitat products are known for being attractively designed and practical, and they are popular especially with middle-class people. Conran, Sir TerenceOrigin habitat (1700-1800) Latin it lives in a place, from habitare; HABITATION