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ldoce_142_jgymgym /dʒɪm/ ●●● S3 noun 1 [countable]TBB a special building or room that has equipment for doing physical exercise SYN gymnasiumat/in a gym I try and work out at the local gym once a week. I go to the gym as often as I can.2 [uncountable]DSO exercises that people do indoors for physical development and as a sport, especially at school We’ve got gym this afternoon. Where’s my gym kit?
Examples from the Corpus
gymHe pulled what looked like a peach from what must have been a gym bag and bit through the skin.He also joined the men in a gym session and with a physiotherapist.a gym classAre they all gym teachers with short fingernails, sensible shoes and leathery skin?the boys' gym at the high schoolAnd Des works out in his home gym to keep up with her youthful vigour.We put on our gym shoes and trooped out to the gym in silence.I've just signed up for an exercise class at the gym.Enjoys windsurfing, working out at the gym and strutting his funky stuff on the dance floor.It was raining, so we had to play football in the gym this afternoon.Ed goes to the gym to do weight training several times a week.I gave lip going to the gym, or really getting any exercise-except running for a plane.The only fun I had was going to the gym.go to the gymI slept for seven hours each night. 1 went to the gym every other day.And, in their spare time, San Diegans evidently go to the gym.He managed to do other things too; on Saturdays he went to the gym to lift weights.I go to the gym in spite of myself, puffing and plodding along.I went to the gym to be stronger.And I do find myself going to the gym more.He stopped going to the gym.The only fun I had was going to the gym.
Origin gym (1800-1900) gymnasium