From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishguideguide1 /ɡaɪd/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable] 1 for deciding/judgingINSTRUCTIONS something that provides information and helps you to form an opinion or make a decision The polls are not a reliable guide of how people will vote. The figures are only a rough guide.2 person a) BODLTsomeone whose job is to take tourists to a place and show them around a tour guide an experienced mountain guide b) ADVISEsomeone who advises you and influences the way you live my spiritual guide3 instructions a) TCNa book or piece of writing that provides information on a particular subject or explains how to do somethingguide to a guide to North American birds Follow our step-by-step guide. Details of how to use the various programs are in the user guide. b) TCNa guidebook4 girl British English a) DLC the Guides the Guides Association, which teaches girls practical skillsscout b) DLCa member of the Guides Association
Examples from the Corpus
guideThe $ 9. 95 guides are sold at bookstores or can be ordered by calling 1-800-222-3602.There is some need for such a guide, but unfortunately Lead on the Brain does not fill it.You are advised not to enter the Kenyan game reserves without a guide.A guide for hospital staff will be published shortly, covering everything from simple hygiene to security regulations.A friend's experience isn't always the best guide for you.Both guides cost $ 9. 95.a free guide to financial planningOne of our guides helped me set up the tent.I shared a canoe with our guide, Kaz.The two students who had been walking with our guide quickly disappeared into the trees.Our guide and interpreter said he enjoyed the work because he himself had learned much about the city.Not sure what that means; we check the press guide.the Good Schools GuideThis simple guide is essential if you are thinking of taking up hill walking.A total of 377 schools are featured in the guide - now in its second edition - from across the United Kingdom.This guide will help you to take the case.a tour guideThat seems like a question for our experienced tour guide, Monika Koppel.The book is an extremely useful guide to starting your own business.rough guideHowever, as a rough guide, it feels slightly more Gibson-like than it does Fenderish, if that helps.The latter is calibrated in centimetres, but most people will probably only use the rod as a rough guide.As a rough guide, first scrub or wash, peel and slice them.Charges differ throughout the country but 40p per cubic metre is a rough guide.Charts, then, are only a rough guide to ideal weight.We assume to start with that the weighted patterns provide a rough guide to playing the game.Although individuals vary a great deal, a very rough guide is that the liver removes one unit of alcohol each hour.mountain guideToday the once new but now traditional occupation of mountain guide is one of the most respected in the Alps. user guideShe also helps to produce a user guide for A/V workshops.
guideguide2 ●●○ W3 verb [transitive] 1 TAKE/BRINGto take someone to a place SYN leadguide somebody along/through etc He guided us through the narrow streets to the central mosque.see thesaurus at lead, take2 TAKE/BRINGto help someone or something to move in a particular directionguide somebody/something into/towards etc He guided her firmly towards the sofa. Searchlights were used to guide the ship into the harbour.3 ADVISEto influence someone’s behaviour or ideas Teenagers need adults to guide them.4 TEACHto show someone the right way to do something, especially something difficult or complicatedguide somebody through something Guide your students through the program one section at a time.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
guideThe travellers were guided around the Hindu Kush by local people who had lived there all their lives.We were always guided by the belief that we would be rescued.One day, the primary teacher guiding children through their instructional computer program may be able to prevent reading failure altogether.He guided David Smith's Perth to the world title in 1991.I guided Doreen away from the grave.In man also there seems to be a similar principle to guide him on his journey.Sammler was a huge help, guiding me through the dangers of the city streets.The constellation of values that these stories promulgate has guided the family for several generations now.The pilot guided the plane to a safe landing.Permissive parents, on the other hand, are too lax about guiding their somebody through somethingTax-preparation programs guide you through the tax form.
From King Business Dictionaryguideguide1 /gaɪd/ noun [countable]1something that provides you with information, figures etc on which you can base your judgement or method of doing somethingThe key US and foreign annual interest rates below are a guide to general levels but don’t always represent actual transactions.2a book that provides information on a particular subject or explains how to do somethingthe latest version of the company guide3TRAVELJOBsomeone whose job is to show a place to people visiting itSandra, who liked traveling, started a new career in her forties as a professional tour guide.guideguide2 verb [transitive]1to show someone the right way to do something, especially something difficult or complicatedThe Justice Department issued regulations to guide businesses on how to deal with their customers under the new laws.2to take someone through or to a place that you know very well, showing them the wayOn the tour, we were personally guided through five of the rooms in the White House.→ See Verb tableOrigin guide1 (1300-1400) French Old Provençal guida