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guestguest1 /ɡest/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable] 1 at an eventSTAY WITH SB, IN A HOTEL ETC someone who is invited to an event or special occasion a banquet for 250 distinguished guestsas somebody’s guest You are here as my guests.dinner/wedding etc guests Most of the wedding guests had left. Among the invited guests were Jerry Brown and Elihu Harris. The actress was guest of honour (=the most important guest) at the launch. I’ve nearly finished the guest list for the wedding.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually talk about having friends/people over (for a meal, short visit etc) or having friends/people to stay rather than saying that they have guests:We’re having some people over for dinner this evening.2 in a houseSTAY WITH SB, IN A HOTEL ETC someone you have invited to stay in your home for a short time We have guests staying right now. house guest3 in a hotelSTAY WITH SB, IN A HOTEL ETC someone who is paying to stay in a hotel Use of the sauna is free to guests.see thesaurus at customer4 on a showAPACTOR/ACTRESS someone famous who is invited to take part in a show, concert etc, in addition to those who usually take part We have some great guests for you tonight. Fontaine appeared as a guest on the show.5 be my guestCOLLOCATIONSMeanings 1 & 2ADJECTIVES/NOUN + guestthe main/chief/principal guestThe prime minister was one of the main guests at the honoured guest (=one who is given special respect and treatment)They were the honoured guests of the Queen at the Royal Garden Party.a distinguished guest (=one who has done something that people respect or admire)Many distinguished guests were invited to the opening ceremony.dinner guestsHow much meat do I need to buy for 15 dinner guests?wedding guestsWe need to send out invitations to all the wedding guests.a house guest (=someone who is staying in your house)There was a constant stream of house guests at their country estate.invited guestsCelebrations continued with a dinner for 100 invited unwelcome guest (=someone who is not really a guest, and whom you do not want at an event)Security guards were employed to keep out unwelcome uninvited guestShe was surprised when an uninvited guest turned up at the door.a regular/frequent guestThe Johnsons were regular guests at Eric’s house in Notting Hill.guest + NOUNthe guest list (=a list of the people invited to an event)The guest list included many friends from his university days.a guest speaker/lecturer (=one who is invited to an event from another organization, university etc)The guest speaker at the conference was Dr. Kim. phrasesthe guest of honour (=the most important guest)The senator was guest of honour at a reception held at the American Embassy.verbsinvite a guestThe guests were invited to a dinner at his country house.greet the guestsRoger was busy greeting the guests as they arrived.entertain guests (=have guests at your house or another place for a meal or party)Their garden is a wonderful place to entertain guests.
Examples from the Corpus
guestThe party, with some 200 guests, disintegrated into a melee that ultimately involved more than 100 people.After the wedding, the couple staged a huge reception for over 250 guests.Are we allowed to bring a guest?A guest requests that you accept a jewel box and a bundle of notes for safe-keeping.a dinner guestI'm really busy - I'm expecting guests this weekend.The hotel bar is for guests only.We had guests over Christmas - three of them stayed until the New Year.We have guests staying with us this week.We're having guests this weekend.She felt she had to stay in and entertain her guests.Lily poured her guest a glass of sherry.Police evacuated hotel guests after staff received a bomb threat.The hotel takes very good care of its guests.We had a couple of guests for the weekend.Now you and Anna are our guests this evening, all right?We want our guests from Asia to feel welcome.With his personal guests who were important to him or his state, Kim was a stickler for detail.Mr Salter wins one week as the personal guest of Robert Mondavi at one of California's wineries.This year's guest of honour will be the novelist Margaret Attwood.Among the guests was the television presenter Jo Everton.Sometime before the guests were due to arrive, Mark went down to the cellar to bring up the wine.The same way we change the jokes and we change the guests, we need to change the look of the show.Just put the presents in the guest room for now.All three of you are on the guest list, of course.But everybody was friendly, and the Rosses separated and mingled with the guests.a wedding guestguest listBut the plan had been changed, and the guest list had expanded.The numbers were limited to thirty-five, and Marie and a committee including Picasso arranged the guest list.Presumably the Democratic National Committee checked the guest list with due diligence as to foreign corporate connections.Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., also was on the guest list.On the guest list though is Conservative candidate John Taylor.But this time the guest list included hundreds of police.The guest list was heavily Hollywood.Take time working out your guest list.
guestguest2 adjective [only before noun] 1 for guests to use He was still asleep in the guest bedroom.2 a guest star, speaker etc is someone famous or important who is invited to take part in an event, in addition to the people who usually take part Camfield was lucky in getting Cage and Rampling as guest stars. He will make a special guest appearance on next week’s show.
Examples from the Corpus
guestthe guest roomguest towelsmake ... guest appearanceGraham Kelly should be putting his own house in order, not making guest appearances in the witness box.The late mezzo-soprano Jan DeGaetani makes a guest appearance in these 1973 sessions.
guestguest3 verb [intransitive] TAKE PART/BE INVOLVEDto take part in a show, concert etc as a guestguest on She guested on a comedy show last year.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
guestPearl Bailey also guested on a special for Bob Hope.
From King Business Dictionaryguestguest /gest/ noun [countable] someone who is paying to stay in a hotelThe hotel still prepares guests’ bills by hand.Origin guest1 (1200-1300) Old Norse gestr