Word family noun grower growth undergrowth outgrowth overgrowth adjective growing grown overgrown verb grow outgrow
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growthgrowth /ɡrəʊθ $ ɡroʊθ/ ●●● S3 W1 noun 1 increase [singular, uncountable]INCREASE IN NUMBER OR AMOUNT an increase in amount, number, or size OPP declinegrowth in/of We’ve seen an enormous growth in the number of businesses using the Web. the rapid growth of world population the recent growth of interest in African music2 business/economy [singular, uncountable] an increase in the value of goods or services produced and sold by a business or a country OPP decline measures to stimulate economic growthstrong/rapid/slow etc growth a period of rapid growth in the economy The company is preparing for zero growth (=no growth) this year.growth area/industry Debt collection is a huge growth industry.3 size/strength [singular, uncountable]GROW/GET BIGGER the development of the physical size, strength etc of a person, animal, or plant over a period of time Vitamins are essential for healthy growth. a means of stimulating plant growth a growth hormone (=substance in the body that causes you to grow)4 importance [singular, uncountable]INCREASE IN ACTIVITY, FEELINGS ETC a gradual increase in the importance or influence that something hasgrowth of Cinemas declined with the growth of television.5 personal development [uncountable]DEVELOP the development of someone’s character, intelligence, or emotions A loving home is essential for a child’s personal growth.emotional/intellectual/spiritual etc growth the journey toward spiritual growth 6 disease [countable]MI a swelling on or inside a person, animal, or plant, caused by diseasetumour a cancerous growthgrowth on a growth on his lung7 growing thing [countable, uncountable]GROW/GET BIGGER something that has grown Feed the plants to encourage new growth. His chin bore a thick growth of stubble.COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: an increase in the value of goods or services produced and sold by a business or a countryadjectivesrapid From the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s there was very rapid growth.strong Many industries are expecting strong growth this year.steady The business has a history of steady growth.slowEconomists are forecasting a period of slow growth.explosive growth (=very fast growth)India and China are the developing countries with the most potential for explosive growthThe budget was based around a forecast of zero growth in gross domestic product.economic growthAmerican aid was meant to kick-start the country’s economic growth.annual growthThere was an annual growth of 4%.growth + NOUNa growth area/industryNuclear energy will be the main growth area in the energy sector.the growth rateThe economic growth rate averaged only 1.4 percent.verbsachieve growthAfter the war, Europe achieved remarkable economic growth.maintain/sustain growthGovernments that want to survive have to maintain growth.stimulate/encourage/promote growthGreater government spending may stimulate economic growth.
Examples from the Corpus
growththe astonishing growth of on-line tradingThe recent dramatic growth of urban areas has been one powerful catalyst for change.favorable signs of economic growthemotional growthFor years, annexation has been the primary means by which city officials planned for growth.Eating nutritious food is important for healthy growth in children.There are signs of new growth on the tree.Once again, the geographies of growth and decline are almost mirror-images of each other.The rate of growth of total working population fell to zero by the mid 1960s.a job that provides opportunities for personal growthThere is a great deal of uncertainty about the world's population growth.population growthThe US portion of the Internet is experiencing rapid growth in the number of networks connected to it.DIY outlets reported sales growth of 1.8%.His pacifism, like his social philosophy, was a slow growth.This plant likes moving water and grows well when placed next to the filtering system, which enhances their normally slow growth.The remainder of the transition process consists of the growth of these local regions of turbulent motion, whilst they travel downstream.The growth and health of the black and informal economies is one clear evidence of the disincentive effects of taxation.growth in/ofBut in any case, dismissing this trend as a growth in cottage industries would be a mistake.Only by changing the heart can we live according to principles that enhance the parenting and personal growth of both partners.To some extent this phenomenon reflects rapid growth of the small-business community.Despite the recent growth in the numbers of students taking the Dip.HE, it is difficult to be optimistic about its future.There has been a rapid and spontaneous growth of ideas and an anticipation of things to come.They have also found growth regulating substances, which could accelerate the growth of crops while inhibiting the roots.In the 1989 Budget, the target range for the growth of M0 was set at 1-5 percent.growth area/industryThis industry had always been known as a growth industry of unlimited potential.Softbank claims that it is better at picking winners and that it is buying into a growth industry.Restoration today is a growth industry.More than that, they are also the reason that debt collection has become a huge growth industry.Escaping depression is the number one growth industry in this na-tion and around the world.Primary Primary publishing remains a strong growth area, with most of the major publishers producing new courses.But as in every such growth area, there will always be another side.In these environmentally conscious times, this is an uncomfortable growth industry.a growth hormoneCalcitonin and growth hormone are normally secreted by the thyroid and pituitary respectively.Does human growth hormone really help?Even thought the warehouse is full of many drugs, only the growth hormone was taken.Hymer's rats were unable to produce more than half the normal amount of pituitary growth hormone.Testosterone and human growth hormones are among the substances mentioned in such accusations.The authors suggested that this might represent end organ resistance to growth hormone.These deer are grass-fed; growth hormones or other chemical additives are not used.Nearly fifty thousand pounds worth of a growth hormone called Genotropin has disappeared from a warehouse.growth ofthe growth of modern technologyemotional/intellectual/spiritual etc growthAnd studies show that intellectual and emotional growth does seem to stall after we reach physical maturity.Hegel detected this dialectical progression in the progress of human consciousness and intellectual - emotional growth.The sixth step refers to the beginning of a lifelong process of spiritual growth.Chances then arise to transfer that energy into another field - work, relationships, or spiritual growth.Reading, which in other settings has promoted the intellectual growth of a people, now threatens to arrest it.They felt a need to reorder a broken world, a need that contributed greatly to their intellectual growth.According to the ancient wisdom, spiritual growth involves transcending the limited and short-sighted Ego to make way for the Self.
From King Business DictionaryLBED_15_agrowthgrowth /grəʊθgroʊθ/ noun [uncountable] ECONOMICS an increase in size, amount, or degreegrowth inAnnual growth in the $400 million ready-to-drink tea market is running at 15 to 20%.To help its clients keep up with the exponential (=extremely fast) growth of market data, the bank has created the world’s first integrated financial information system.Paper cup manufacturing, an area with high profit margins, showed strong growth.Officials have argued for lower interest rates because of recent slow growth in the economy.There is likely to be very low growth in the industrial countries, perhaps in the 1% to 1.5% range.Economists are predicting zero growth (=no growth) for the first quarter.The last time the telecommunications industry had negative growth (=when something gets smaller) was in the Great Depression. capital growth economic growth external growth monetary growth sustainable growth unsustainable growthOrigin growth (1500-1600) grow