From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgrittygrit‧ty /ˈɡrɪti/ adjective 1 showing determination and courage Henin gave a typically gritty performance, coming back from 4–0 down. her gritty determination2 showing a difficult or unpleasant situation as it really is Billingham’s pictures have a gritty realism which can be almost upsetting.3 containing grit or covered in grit Gritty soil had got under her nails.
Examples from the Corpus
grittyHis bare feet scraping on the gritty cement pavement made such an unpleasant sound that Fakhru decided not to follow too closely.Barton are gathered in a gritty city backyard in the black Hill District of Pittsburgh to mourn his passing.As a smouldering, glowering, gritty dance-rock sound-system, they are a mini-triumph.In their studio, gritty Delta edges were given a smooth, appealing, urban sheen that crossed easily over racial lines.A shower of gritty dust pattered on her face.a gritty dust storma gritty football playerThe watering can was gritty metal with an ugly snub spout.His was gritty northern comedy at it's best.The stair-carpet was gritty to her bare soles.gritty realismBut then she also thinks Eldorado is full of gritty realism!Songs are set in everyday situations and many listeners appreciate the gritty realism, although others consider the earthiness intolerably shallow.EastEnders, once renowned for gritty realism and giant characters, is now awash with pygmies acting out absurd leftish fantasies.