greenhouse gas

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greenhouse gasˈgreenhouse ˌgas noun [countable] SGPa gas, especially carbon dioxide or methane, that is thought to trap heat above the Earth and cause the greenhouse effect
Examples from the Corpus
greenhouse gasBut water vapour is also a greenhouse gas.A wooden disc box from Supplier Action: not a greenhouse gas producer and not made from tropical hardwood.Carbon dioxide is a so-called greenhouse gas, which absorbs energy from the sun, making the air warmer.The market could grow much bigger if countries further subsidize wind power to curb greenhouse gas emissions.Carbon monoxide is also a powerful greenhouse gas.But it might contribute to global warming because methane is a powerful greenhouse gas.Negotiations on a treaty to limit this greenhouse gas begin in December.The drainage of peatbogs for forestry and agriculture is making a significant net contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, the report concludes.