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greenhousegreen‧house /ˈɡriːnhaʊs/ noun [countable] greenhouse.jpg DLGTAa glass building used for growing plants that need warmth, light, and protection
Examples from the Corpus
greenhouseOne is by the leaf bud cutting taken in May and June and stuck in a greenhouse.Take 3in tip cuttings from overlarge plants, and keep in a frost-free greenhouse, conservatory, or windowsill.Climate change through the man-made modification of greenhouse gases might be disastrous, but it might equally be deliverance.All these gases are potent greenhouse gases.There is no tomorrow if you don't talk greenhouse gases today.A clear example can be seen in the case of the destruction of the ozone layer, causing the greenhouse effect.But as in all aspects of forecasting the greenhouse world, the task of prediction is clouded by uncertainty.He had built a lean-to greenhouse on the back of the scullery and prided himself on his chrysanthemums and gladioli.