graphic design

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgraphic designˌgraphic deˈsign noun [uncountable] AVTCNthe art of combining pictures, words, and decoration in the production of books, magazines etcgraphic designer noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
graphic designOn the opposite wall, a print was mounted; an austere graphic design, white and grey to match.Richie, the youngest at 15, was in the throes of GCSEs and hopeful of a career in graphic design.A Bay Area native, he started out in graphic design, but soon branched out.Thirdly, the new style guides have clearly been influenced by some interesting graphic design work.Professional advice on graphic design is valuable.
From King Business Dictionarygraphic designˌgraphic deˈsign [uncountable]COMPUTING the art of combining pictures and words in order to design books, magazines, newspapers, and advertisementsComputerized graphic design is changing the publishing industry. design