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grandadgran‧dad especially British English (also granddad) /ˈɡrændæd/ ●●● S3 noun informal [countable]SSFFAMILY grandfather
Examples from the Corpus
grandadIt might embarrass them if Henry told them about his grandad. perhaps it would stop them.Later, usually with Preston or his grandad, he'd felt a bit more at home, but not much.The snuffles and crunches of some unknown thing convinced my grandad that we were about to be mugged.I was with my grandad at a lake in Gloucestershire, night-fishing for tench by the light of a tilley lamp.This lets off grandad who makes grandson John a toy and gives it to him for Christmas.But William's grandad had a system working for him.Maybe it was a reaction to William's grandad and his wicked flaunting of convention.But Alf Gover has become a sort of universal grandad.