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goldfishgold‧fish /ˈɡəʊldˌfɪʃ $ ˈɡoʊld-/ noun (plural goldfish) [countable] goldfish.jpg HBFDHPa small shiny orange fish often kept as a pet
Examples from the Corpus
goldfishA stupendous cinema epic, reduced to a sort of frantic scurrying in a goldfish bowl, might merely seem ridiculous.Small live fishes such as guppies and goldfish, or ground fresh shrimp, should be fed.Because goldfish will eat new plant growth, use fast-growing varieties, such as Elodea canadensis, Ludwigia and Vallisneria.If looked after correctly, and given suitable conditions both goldfish and Orfe will live for 10-20 years in a garden pond.The fairground goldfish has been the starting point for many hobbyists.All the fish are fed on Hikari goldfish food or cichlid food.But the other night they went to a carnival at Amphi and each won some goldfish.Surviving in this goldfish bowl of publicity would crack the strongest union.