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goldengold‧en /ˈɡəʊldən $ ˈɡoʊl-/ ●●● W3 adjective 1 CChaving a bright yellow colour like gold golden hair golden sand2 a golden opportunity3 golden boy/girl4 [only before noun]HAPPY a golden period of time is one of great happiness or successgolden years/days etc the golden years of childhood the golden age of radio5 somebody is golden6 HCM literary made of gold a golden crown
Examples from the Corpus
goldenBake in a pre-heated oven for 40 min until golden.The tops will brown before the glazed bottom so let the buns bake until the tops are a deep golden brown.Sensing the audience craving for that golden era, the band played it up.Every leaf was picked out in golden radiance.She lay on the bed and pulled the coverlet up over herself and the golden Satan shone behind her closed eyes.a golden statuegolden sunlightI once dreamt of her as an angel with golden wings.golden years/days etcThe oil crisis alone could not have shattered the confidence which capitalists felt during most of the golden years.There were exaggerated expectations for one thing, a more or less inevitable consequence of those golden years.Every long table is filled with oldsters in their golden years costumes-juvenile ensembles of short pants, shirts, and sneakers.The 1960s were expansive, golden years for the television networks.In the golden days of cinema, feuds often erupted between roguish directors and powerful studio heads.During these golden years of instruction, parents can make a world of difference by staying engaged and supportive.Nifty reputation Low-key, approachable and diffident, Matheny was the daddy during the golden days of Southwestern College art.Where were the golden days which Paris and Chicago and Grosvenor Square had promised them?