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ldoce_136_ggloveglove /ɡlʌv/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable] 1 gloves_winter.jpg DCCa piece of clothing that you wear on your hand in order to protect it or keep it warmmitten a pair of gloves boxing glovesrubber/leather etc gloves2 the gloves are off fit (somebody) like a glove at fit1(1), → hand in glove at hand1(34)COLLOCATIONSverbswear glovesAlways wear gloves when gardening.put on/pull on your glovesEleanor put on her gloves and stood up.take off your glovesMr Brownlow took off his gloves.a pair of glovesForbes pulled on a pair of black leather gloves.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + gloverubber/leather/woollen etc glovesDr McIntyre was slowly removing his rubber gloves.boxing glovesThe trainer laced up Mike's boxing gloves.a baseball gloveHe rubbed oil into his baseball glove to make it softer.surgical gloves (=special gloves worn by doctors)Surgical gloves help prevent the spread of germs.gardening glovesGardening gloves protect your hands from being scratched or oven glove British English:Paul used the oven glove to take the hot tray out of the oven.protective glovesProtective gloves and a safety helmet are worn to minimize injury.disposable gloves (=that you throw away after use)Nurses must wear disposable gloves when handling patients.left-hand/right-hand gloveA left-hand glove was found at the scene of the crime.
Examples from the Corpus
gloveThey came into the hallway before opening it and taking out rubber surgical gloves.He also testified to a cut or damage in another area of the glove.You may have wondered why your dentist wears gloves and perhaps a mask when treating you.pair of glovesHe had remembered to bring a pair of gloves, unlike me.They try to leave with cosmetics, a pair of gloves.Funny sort of imagination, like nothing she had met with before, pulling her inside out like a pair of gloves.Instead he saw a pair of gloves, suspended in water and waving fleshless fingers at him.Male speaker A pair of gloves can stop you having your fingers chopped off.
Origin glove Old English glof