From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglossygloss‧y1 /ˈɡlɒsi $ ˈɡlɒːsi, ˈɡlɑːsi/ ●○○ adjective 1 SHINYshiny and smooth her glossy black hair the glossy surface of the leaves2 glossy magazine/brochure etc3 ATTRACTsomething that is glossy has an attractive appearance on the surface that may hide something less pleasant a glossy election campaignglossiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
glossyThis, according to the glossy advertising material and high-tech television commercials, could solve all your company's presentation problems.Next the wings emerged, first crumpled ribbons, then glossy and smooth.glossy black hairHer hair was a thick glossy bush of pale fawn brown, not quite shoulder-length.Cast coated art paper with a exceptionally glossy coated finish usually on one side only.Simply spray Hot Shapes on to clean, dry hair before setting to get instant hold with a glossy finish.Then I'd look at the fields of beans, glossy in the moonlight, hanging fat and glossy.There was a stack of glossy magazines on the coffee table.Film critics are calling the movie a glossy melodrama.She stroked the horse's long glossy neck.Look for well-cleaned birds with glossy skin.
glossyglossy2 noun (plural glossies) [countable usually plural] 1 (also glossy magazine) British EnglishTCN a magazine that is printed on good-quality shiny paper, usually with lots of colour pictures2 TCPa photograph printed on shiny paper
Examples from the Corpus
glossyan 8" by 10" glossy of Frank SinatraWe've seen her golden smile on the cover of Tatler and her figure in dozens of fashion glossies.