From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgloryglo‧ry1 /ˈɡlɔːri/ ●●○ noun (plural glories) 1 [uncountable]FAMOUS the importance, honour, and praise that people give someone they admire a lot She dreamt of future glory as an Olympic champion. Goran’s moment of glory came when he defeated Rafter. He began the season in a blaze of glory, scoring seven goals in as many games.2 [countable]BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKING an achievement that is greatly admired or respected, or makes you very proudglory of one of the finest artistic glories of Florence monuments to past glories Becoming a Supreme Court judge was the crowning glory (=most successful part) of her career.3 [uncountable]BEAUTIFUL/GOOD-LOOKING when something is beautiful and impressive in appearance They spent $10 million restoring the theatre to its former all its/their etc glory The sun emerged from behind the clouds in all its glory.4 bask/bathe in somebody’s/something’s (reflected) glory5 glory days6 to the (greater) glory of somebody/something7 glory (be) to God/Jesus etcCOLLOCATIONSphrasesa blaze of glory (=when someone or something is praised a lot)The film opened in a blaze of glory with rave reviews from critics.somebody's moment of gloryThe team's only moment of glory came in the second half of the game.somebody's dream of gloryHis dreams of glory were shattered when he lost to Federer.verbsbask/bathe in the glory of something (=enjoy the fame and admiration you get)Challenor basked in the glory of his achievement.cover yourself in glory (= do something that makes people admire you)As team captain, he hasn't covered himself in glory.steal somebody's glory (=do something that makes you more admired than someone else who is doing something similar)Collins is wonderful, but Shaw steals all the glory with his magnificent gloryHe wanted to win glory in battle.bring glory to somebody/somethingLocals hope the discovery will bring prosperity and glory to the town.adjectivesreflected glory (=fame that you get because you are close to someone who has done something that people admire)She basked in the reflective glory of her daughter's marriage to such a famous actor.personal gloryHe put the team's interests above any chance of personal glory.greater glory (=more fame and admiration)He aimed to bring greater glory to France.
Examples from the Corpus
gloryIt never again recovered its former glory.In time, one hopes and trusts that Gilmore will wave his magic wand and refurbish the theater to its former glory.Here the universe of the stereotype is starkly revealed in all its mechanical and mercantile glory.His eyes are a violet-blue, the color of ground morning glories, and they radiate intelligence.But nothing could take the gloss off Townsend's night of glory.He was bitter because he couldn't inherit the glory they unwittingly advertised.The herbaceous Paeonias are part of the glory of flower borders in the early summer.The designs reflect the glories of French fashion.The glory of the third round, of course, is the glory of the non-League clubs.moment of gloryVan Damme the fighter has his moments of glory.I let him bask in his moment of glory for a while longer.In its 30-year span of life the Electrophone had its moments of glory.Still I had my moment of glory.I am not ready for him to achieve that moment of glory.But in the doubles the youngsters were given a chance and grabbed their moment of glory.Their moment of glory was fleeting, though.They included local amateur actors and steam train enthusiasts whose moment of glory will be seen worldwide.past gloriesBecause of past glories and never mind the inglorious present.They are all old men she has chosen, men in the cloudy twilight of past glories.former gloryDresden still echoes its former glory.In its former glory it must have dominated the whole dale below from Richmond to Hawes.It never again recovered its former glory.They spent an additional £45,000 on renovating it - although the beacon needs more work to restore it to its former glory.They spent $10 million restoring the Grand Theater to its former glory.In time, one hopes and trusts that Gilmore will wave his magic wand and refurbish the theater to its former glory.The years had definitely taken their toll on the former glory of Fernbank.A.-to their former glory.When the ice jam broke and the wind dropped, the Falls returned to their former glory.
gloryglory2 verb (gloried, glorying, glories) glory in something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
gloryOh, I glory in inconsistencies, as you know full well.What station-building remained was increasingly to reflect the functional, geometrical approach, stressing cubes and cylinders and glorying in reinforced concrete.He was a regular visitor at Dotty Harmer's, glorying in the variety of animals to be found there.But the Gentlemen had not reckoned with a Bastide newly heartened by glorying in Westbourne's ignominy.
Origin glory1 (1200-1300) Old French glorie, from Latin gloria