From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgloomygloom‧y /ˈɡluːmi/ ●○○ (comparative gloomier, superlative gloomiest) adjective 1 SAD/UNHAPPYmaking you feel that things will not improve SYN depressing OPP bright The report paints a gloomy picture of the economy.2 SAD/UNHAPPYsad because you think the situation will not improve SYN depressed OPP cheerful Anne dismissed these gloomy thoughts from her mind.see thesaurus at sad3 DARKdark, especially in a way that makes you feel sad OPP bright It was a gloomy room with one small window.see thesaurus at darkgloomily adverb
Examples from the Corpus
gloomyThe story is not entirely gloomy.A year ago it seemed that a peace treaty looked possible, but now the outlook is much gloomier.Most political analysts are gloomy about the country's future.The bar was gloomy and smelled of stale cigar smoke.He looks somewhat gloomy and withdrawn.Victor is at a dark little table in a gloomy corner.Sitting on the terrace or in gloomy corridors to hide their shame.a gloomy economic forecastThen, to our left, the outline of a tree rose out of the gloomy fog surrounding it.The world's largest chip maker gave a gloomy forecast for the first quarter.Professor Vardell was a gloomy man who never smiled.But even the gloomier numbers do not portray the scope for disaster.I never liked visiting Dr Allen in his gloomy old study.This latest survey presents a gloomy picture of the Russian economy.Domestic economic factors further complicated this gloomy picture.Evidence that the world's population is increasing faster than ever implies a gloomy prospect for humanity: starvation.