Word family noun globe globalization adjective global verb globalize adverb globally
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishglobeglobe /ɡləʊb $ ɡloʊb/ ●●○ AWL noun [countable] 1 globe.jpg SEa round object with a map of the Earth drawn on it2 the globe3 CFROUNDan object shaped like a ball SYN sphere
Examples from the Corpus
globeFor the occasion the town square was lit up by coloured globes strung together.The stuffed birds had been encased in glass globes.Across the globe, sea level varies by hundreds of feet.A direct and obvious example is that many marine animals are dispersed around the globe by ocean currents.Moving at the speed of light around the globe, it promotes both greater timeliness and higher quality.Instead, he came up with a drink that has spread its alcoholic tentacles around the globe.The cities were beautiful and adorned with all the fine things of the globe.Friends will be able to visit us in our own special space, from anywhere on the globe.She will move the pin with which she marks his whereabouts to that spot on the globe.
Origin globe (1500-1600) French Latin globus