global warming

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global warmingˌglobal ˈwarming ●●○ noun [uncountable] SGESGPa general increase in world temperatures caused by increased amounts of carbon dioxide around the Earthgreenhouse effect
Examples from the Corpus
global warmingThe proposals are the latest stage in the Government's battle against global warming.The seminar is intended to educate them on climatic change and global warming.Administration scientists continue to insist that there is no proven link between C02 emissions and global warming.There will be displays on acid rain, the ozone layer and global warming.The real danger to the mountain vegetation comes not from cycle wheels but from acid rain and global warming.The prospective reduction in global warming - and thus the benefit to Britain's climate - would be correspondingly small.He lost battles with the chief of staff, John Sununu, over global warming and wetland preservation.However, it has not yet been established that global warming is due to excessive combustion of fossil fuels.
From King Business Dictionaryglobal warmingˌglobal ˈwarming noun [uncountable] a general increase of world temperatures caused by increased amounts of CARBON DIOXIDE around the EarthAn efficient policy to deal with global warming would be a tax on the carbon content of fuels.