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ldoce_135_fglassglass1 /ɡlɑːs $ ɡlæs/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 transparent material [uncountable]DHTIG a transparent solid substance used for making windows, bottles etc a glass bowl a piece of broken glasspane/sheet of glass (=a flat piece of glass with straight edges) the cathedral’s stained glass windows2 for drinking [countable]DFD a container used for drinking made of glasscupwine/brandy/champagne etc glass Nigel raised his glass in a toast to his son.3 amount of liquid [countable] the amount of a drink contained in a glassglass of She poured a glass of wine.4 glasses5 glass objects [uncountable]DHDF objects which are made of glass, especially ones used for drinking and eating a priceless collection of Venetian glass6 people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones7 somebody sees the glass as half-empty/half-full8 under glass9 mirror [countable] old-fashionedDCDH a mirror10 the glass cut glass, ground glass, looking glass, magnifying glass, plate glass, stained glass, safety glass, → raise your glass at raise1(16)COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a transparent solid substance used for making windows, bottles etcADJECTIVES/NOUN + glassbroken glassShe cleaned up the broken glass with a dustpan and brush.stained glass (=glass of different colours used in windows)He designed the stained glass windows of Coventry Cathedral.tinted glass (=coloured rather than completely transparent)The car had tinted glass.frosted glass (=glass with a rough surface so that it is not transparent)The bathroom windows were made of frosted glass.clear glass (=that you can see through rather than being coloured)The drink comes in clear glass bottles.plate glass (=big pieces of glass made in large thick sheets, used especially in shop windows)Vandals smashed a plate glass glass (=strong glass that breaks into small pieces that are not sharp)The company makes safety glass for car + NOUNa glass bottle/bowl/vase etcGlass bottles can be recycled very easily.a glass window/doorThe doors had two round glass windows in them.phrasesa piece of glassHe cut his foot on a piece of glass.a shard/splinter of glass (=a sharp piece of broken glass)People were injured by shards of glass following the explosion.a fragment of glass (=a small piece of glass that has broken off)Fragments of glass covered the floor near the broken window.a pane of glass (=a piece of glass used in a window)There was a broken pane of glass in the kitchen window.a sheet of glass (=a piece of flat glass)Sheets of glass were used as shelves.verbsglass breaksThis type of glass doesn’t break shatters (=break into small pieces)When glass shatters, it leaves jagged cracksGlass will crack if too much pressure is put on it. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 4: verbswear glassesI didn’t know you wore glasses.put on your glassesHe put on his glasses and read through the instructions.take off/remove your glassesElsie took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes.wipe/clean your glassesHarry wiped his glasses with the corner of a handkerchief.break your glassesI broke my glasses when I accidentally sat on them.phrasesa pair of glassesShe was wearing a new pair of glasses.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + glassesdark glasses (=sunglasses)She wore a scarf over her head and dark glasses.reading glasses (=for reading)She looked at him over the frames of her reading glasses.distance glasses (=for seeing things that are not close to you)Without her distance glasses she couldn’t see his expression.tinted glasses (=with coloured glass)He always wore a pair of tinted glasses.steel-/horn-/gold-rimmed glasses (=with frames made of steel etc)He was a thin little guy with gold-rimmed glasses.thick glasses (=with lenses that are thick)She peered up at them through thick glasses.
Examples from the Corpus
glassBow-tie pins of enamel and sapphires sparkled behind glass set into black walls.Two substances were used by ancient glass-workers to produce perfectly or near-perfectly colourless glasses.It should also be ensured that the cover glasses are always securely replaced.Find out from your Local Council or recycling action group where your nearest collection points are for glass, metals and paper.When she loses or breaks her glasses, she has to wait until Medi-Cal can replace them.The game continues until one team fills the glass.She looked at Fergus's dim reflection, distorted in the glass, then tried to re-focus on her own impressive collection of Venetian glasswine glassesbroken glassThere was damage to a number of other buildings, mostly minor cracks and broken glass.They're covered in broken glass.It was a good thing there was no broken glass embedded in the concrete.Drizzle popped against the roof of his truck and fell around the boats in the cove like bits of broken glass.Standing in the shards of broken glass were the drivers, smoking cigarettes and taking turns yelling.They had a hundred wrecked cars behind barbed wire and a thousand specks of broken glass every square foot.The broken glass, the light-leavened panes.One side of his immaculate jacket was soaked through and spiked with broken etc glassHer long fingernails clacked against the rim of a champagne glass.When you are drinking for flavor, not quantity, a wine glass works so much better.Elinor took another swig of sherry and Henry arranged wine glasses at each place.You also get a commemorative wine glass.She twirled the stem of her wine glass thoughtfully, and didn't reply.Her hand shook as she put her wine glass down.And suddenly she felt as stiff and cold and fragile as the champagne glass that was clutched in her shaking hand.Alice clutched the brandy glass, then set it down on the coffee ofWould you like a glass of milk?
glassglass2 verb [transitive] to hit someone with a glass or bottle He was glassed in a pub fight. glass something ↔ in→ See Verb tableOrigin glass Old English glæs