From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgirlgirl /ɡɜːl $ ɡɜːrl/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 childCHILD a female childboy Both boys and girls can apply to join the choir.little/small/young girl I’ve known Mollie ever since I was a little girl.five-year-old girl/girl of ten etc The patient was a girl of 12. Girls! Please be quiet. a teenage girlsee thesaurus at woman2 daughterCHILD a daughterboy They have two girls and a boy.somebody’s little girl How old’s your little girl (=someone’s young daughter) now? Time for bed, girls!3 womanWOMAN a word meaning a woman, especially a young woman, which is considered offensive by some women I’ll invite some of the girls from the office. Steve’s married to a lovely Dutch girl.4 the girls5 animal used when speaking to a female animal, especially a dog, cat, or horseboy Bring me the stick. Good girl!6 girl7 (you) go, girl!8 girlfriend old-fashionedGIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND a word for a woman who you are having a romantic relationship with SYN girlfriend 9 my girl10 factory girl/shop girl/office girl11 servant old-fashioned a woman servant old girl
Examples from the Corpus
girlShe's tall for a girl her age.Another girl followed her, bearing a tray of coffee.A little girl was sitting on the front doorstep.More girls play sports now than when I was younger.I'll have my girl send it over.She's my girl.A nice girl like you needs a husband.Beth is one of the most popular girls in her class.He saw girls at his Theatrical Club.The vision of the vain, silly girl she had been seemed to accuse her in some obscure way.On Saturday night, the streets are full of teenage girls and boys, out for a good time.As for that girl, words failed her.What's that girl's name?He's going out with that girl who works in the library.She even managed to array the girl in shining armor.Give each of these girls a doll and put it on the bill.In Britain, some young girls are choosing parenthood as an alternative to employment.boys and girlsTen cousins of the same age, both boys and girls, were constantly running around, laughing and playing games.And both boys and girls with involved fathers demonstrate a greater ability to take initiative and direct themselves.Both boys and girls should experience a wide range of children's literature.It is the stuff of ivory towers and only clever boys and girls are expected to reflect upon its themes.A job program that provides genuinely equal opportunities for ghetto boys and girls will only reinforce the girls' economic edge.All day long, boys and girls sat on the buffaloes' backs, lounging in expertly comfortable positions.Dressed however in striking green riding outfits and cowboy-like felt hats, these boys and girls are no school outing participants.The answer may be in the way boys and girls are taught to gain mastery.
girlgirlAmerican English spoken informalWOMAN used by a woman when she is speaking to another woman she knows well Hey, girl. What’s up? girl
Examples from the Corpus
girlCome on girls!
Origin girl (1500-1600) gurle, girle child, young person ((13-15 centuries)), of unknown origin