From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgiftgift1 /ɡɪft/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countable] 1 GIVEsomething that you give someone, for example to thank them or because you like them, especially on a special occasion SYN present The earrings were a gift from my of a generous gift of £50 The clock was given as a retirement gift when he left the police. expensive wedding gifts Enjoy a free gift with any purchase of $20 or more. This excellent cookbook would make an ideal gift for anyone just going away to college.see thesaurus at presentRegisterIn everyday English, especially in British English, people usually say present rather than gift:These were a present from my boyfriend.2 a) a natural ability SYN talentgift for a gift for languages He was a kind man, with a gift for forming lasting of She has the rare gift of being able to laugh at herself. b) an ability that is given to you by Godgift of He was said to have possessed the gift of prophecy. the use of spiritual gifts giftedsee thesaurus at skill3 a gift4 gift (from God)5 the gift of the gab6 be in somebody’s gift7 never/don’t look a gift horse in the mouth God’s gift to somebody/something at god(3)COLLOCATIONSverbsgive somebody a giftWe gave her a gift on her birthday.receive a giftHe received a gift from his aunt.accept a giftSam accepted the gift on behalf of the school.make somebody a gift of something formal (=give someone something as a gift)Johnson made her a gift of a book.wrap (up) a giftShe had bought and wrapped gifts for children in hospital.shower somebody with gifts (=give someone a lot of gifts)He showered her with gifts and exotic gifts (=give someone a gift at the same time as they give you a gift)We exchange gifts on Christmas Day.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + gifta birthday giftThe camera had been a 21st birthday gift from his parents.a wedding giftSome people prefer to give cash as a wedding gift.a Christmas giftBefore 1940, most people did not wrap Christmas gifts.a free gift (=something that a shop or business gives you)If you spend over £50, you get a free gift.the perfect/ideal gift for somebodyThis book is the perfect gift for anybody who’s interested in birds.a suitable giftWhat do you think would be a suitable gift for a 10-year-old boy?a small giftHere’s a small gift to show our appreciation for all your hard work.a generous giftHer colleagues presented her with a generous gift when she expensive giftHe was always showering Louise with expensive gifts.a lavish gift (=a large, impressive, or expensive gift)She received lavish gifts of jewellery and clothes.a parting gift (=a gift that you give someone when you leave/say goodbye)She brought him a parting unwanted giftYou can take any unwanted gifts to charity + NOUNa gift ideaHere is another gift idea with children in mind.a gift shopThe gift shop was well stocked with souvenirs.
Examples from the Corpus
giftI bought this CD as a gift for Jane, but she's already got it.I got this jacket as a gift. I wouldn't have chosen this color myself.Just ask the organization if a gift qualifies as a tax deduction.There's a gift shop in the hotel. They have jewelry and souvenirs and stuff.It was a gift to the US from the Chinese people.In the hall was a magnificent vase, which was a gift from a Japanese businessman.The earrings were a gift for my birthday.The railroad land grants were a gift the size of California plus the major part of Montana.I'm going to go pick up a birthday gift for Uncle Warren, and then I'm going to go and see him.These candlesticks would make a lovely gift.He had also built a reading room for the agricultural labourers and made other substantial gifts.Look at some of these gifts, as devoted fans of his might call them.They have been able to keep up stocks of medical supplies, largely due to gifts of money.She took the two gifts from her handbag and set them on the table.Give your gifts a special finishing touch by making this sparkly gift wrap.given ... giftThis potential is a given, a gift, and has nothing to do with our own abilities or talents.It would be embarrassing to be given a gift if one hadn't bought one in return.She had given him some gift, something which he cherished very dearly.The vinegar was used at home, or given as gifts to friends.The fact is I was given a forElena sure has a gift for telling stories.
giftgift2 verb [transitive] to give something to someone as or like a presentgift somebody something The local team was gifted victory as their opponents made a series of something to somebody The painting was gifted to the nation by its owner.From King Business Dictionarygiftgift /gɪft/ noun [countable]1something given to someone on a special occasion or to thank themSYNPRESENTSales of Christmas gifts are expected to grow about adjective [only before a noun]She has several years of experience in the gift business.2MARKETINGsomething given free of charge to a customer by an organization in return for buying their products or using their servicesYour free gift will be sent to you once your first month’s premium has been paid.3LAW money or property given to someone with nothing expected in return. For a gift to be recognized by law, it must be clear that the giver intended to give it and that he or she did give itPension contributions or charitable gifts are deducted from pay for tax purposes.You might want to make a gift of your whole estate to your partner. business gift see also deed of giftOrigin gift (1200-1300) Old Norse