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geriatricge‧ri‧at‧ric /ˌdʒeriˈætrɪk◂/ adjective 1 [only before noun]SSM relating to the medical care and treatment of old people a specialist in geriatric medicinesee thesaurus at old2 informalOLD/NOT YOUNG too old to work well a geriatric rock star
Examples from the Corpus
geriatricHer husband, who suffered from Alzheimer's disease, was detained in hospital and sedated pending geriatric assessment.A new geriatric centre is due to open later this month.a geriatric hospitalGeriatric hospitals are often severely under-staffed.The clinic specializes in geriatric medicine.No agreed definition of who is a geriatric patient has yet been arrived at.A geriatric truck had stalled near the highway.I used to go along to Greenbank Hospital's geriatric wards, where I sang and played to the old folk.Musgrave Park is the regional centre for orthopaedic surgery and has a reputation second to none for its geriatric work.
Origin geriatric (1900-2000) Greek geras old age + English -iatric