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geographyge‧og‧ra‧phy /dʒiˈɒɡrəfi, ˈdʒɒɡ- $ dʒiˈɑːɡ-/ ●●● W3 noun [uncountable] 1 SGthe study of the countries, oceans, rivers, mountains, cities etc of the world a geography lesson physical geography, political geography2 WAY/ROUTEthe geography of a building, city etc is the way all its parts are arrangedgeography of The geography of the flats made it hard to get to know our neighbours.
Examples from the Corpus
geographyIt is a remote country with difficult communications, climate and geography.More than most children his age, he had an interest in world events and geography.What effects has geography had on the population?The process is constricted by three factors -- population, minority distribution and simple geography.They are all designed by a human programmer, and so is the geography of the labyrinth.
Origin geography (1400-1500) Latin geographia, from Greek, describing the Earth, from ge (GEO-) + graphein to write