From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgeneticge‧net‧ic /dʒəˈnetɪk/ ●○○ adjective HBrelating to genes or genetics genetic defects each person’s genetic make-up genetic researchgenetically /-kli/ adverb genetically determined characteristics
Examples from the Corpus
geneticBy manipulation of the tomato's genetic blueprint, scientists can alter the rate at which it ripens.Evidence supporting a genetic component to predisposition comes mainly from a large study of 15924 male twin pairs.Another possible place of chaos in genetic diversity generation is in the origin of life.Who knows, for example, what the pharmaceutical business will look like when the potentials of genetic engineering have been realized?Language differences, a huge barrier to mating, exemplify genetic isolating mechanisms.genetic mutationsOthers were a mixture of genetic strands, part terrestrial, part non.Chaotic population dynamics has a surprising cross-level effect which has enormous significance for genetic structure and evolution.They now have a genetic test for that disease.And new genetic tests for other dread diseases are appearing almost every day.
Origin genetic (1800-1900) genesis