general election

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general electionˌgeneral eˈlection noun [countable] PPVan election in which all the people in a country who can vote elect a government during the 1987 general election campaign an attempt to persuade the government to hold a general election (=have a general election)
Examples from the Corpus
general electionAlthough Billing retained his seat at the 1918 general election, ill health forced his retirement in 1921.After the 1987 general election, Gould was considered Kinnock's natural successor.Any party which failed to win a seat in a general election would be automatically dissolved.If Walden carries out his threat, the Tory government would fall, leading to a general election.With little pressure from that quarter for an early general election, Callaghan almost imperceptibly emerged with growing command.Anderson has no opposition on the general election ballot.general election campaignThe killings were seen as an attempt by Sikh extremists to disrupt the ongoing general election campaign.Sir Julius confirmed that the investigation would also examine the use of government resources and assets during the recent general election campaign.In three successive general election campaigns, the Conservative party has promised higher standards in education.In the general election campaign of 1929 the Liberals were challenged by the Conservatives to explain where the money would come from.He said Likud would make this the center of its upcoming general election campaign.