Word family noun generalization general generalist generality adjective general generalist generalized verb generalize adverb generally
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgeneralgen‧e‧ral1 /ˈdʒenərəl/ ●●● S1 W1 adjective [usually before noun] 1 not detailedDETAIL describing or relating to only the main features or parts of something, not the details a general introduction to computing I skimmed through it to get a general impression of the text. I have a general idea of what I want to express. He spoke in general terms about greater competitiveness.2 in general3 relating to wholeALL/EVERYTHING involving the whole of a situation, group, or thing, rather than specific parts of it There has been a general decline in standards. ways to improve your general health4 ordinaryORDINARY ordinary or usual general cooking and cleaning I hate paperwork as a general rule.5 most peopleMOST shared by or affecting most people, or most of the people in a group These courses are based around topics of general interest. How soon can the drug be made available for general use?6 not limited not limited to one use, activity, subject etc The next ten minutes passed in general conversation. It’s a good general fertilizer. Watford General Hospital This type of microphone is suitable for general use. 7 approximate used to talk about an approximate area or direction Pat and his friend were in the general area of the crime when it happened. They started walking in the general direction of the pub.8 jobBOIN CHARGE OF used in the name of a job to show that the person who does it has complete responsibility the general manager the Attorney GeneralTHESAURUSin general used when saying that something is usually true in most situations, or about most people or thingsIn general, temporary jobs are less well-paid.In general, the bigger a company becomes, the harder it is to maintain customer satisfaction.generally another way of saying ‘in general’, which is often used before a verb. Generally can also be used to say that most people have a particular opinionWomen generally live longer than men.Newton is generally regarded as the father of modern science.generally speaking/as a rule other ways of saying ‘in general’Generally speaking, large breeds of dog are becoming less popular.He’s a singer who doesn’t do interviews, as a rule.The graduates are, generally speaking, a confident and articulate group of young people. mostly/mainly/largely used when saying that something is true about most people or things, or about most of something. Largely is slightly more formal than mostly or mainlyThe disease mainly affects women.Their attempts were largely unsuccessful.The students were mostly French and German, but there were a few Japanese students too.for the most part used when saying that something is true in most cases, but not in every caseThese problems have for the most part been resolved.For the most part, the gangs were made up of boys aged between 11 and and large/on the whole used for saying that something is true in most ways or in most casesThe project was, by and large, a success.On the whole, people were very friendly.
Examples from the Corpus
generalWilson's position makes sense of a great deal in the history of general biological theory before and since 1900.We have no general checks even on preserving our resource base.But, throughout his essay, his use of language suggests that he is making more general claims.Because of its special mechanism of action, there is no general cross resistance between this drug and antibiotics in other substance classes.There has been a general decline in educational standards.This general description of the countryside oversimplifies what is really a very complicated pattern of soils and climate.Twenty years ago, most children got a good general education in public schools.Perhaps, after all, a general election is only the sublimation of a darned good riot.Your voice reveals much about your general health.This guidebook will give you a good general idea of the city.This course is a general introduction to banking and finance.The course is called 'A General Introduction to Computing'.the general managerA general obligation bond is repaid through property taxes.It may also be asked to consider general staffing matters.general ideaBut I got the general idea.Jack has got some great general idea.Of course, many details could be added to this simple description, but the account offered does capture the general idea.Similarly, although anything that exists is particular and individual, we can have general ideas.You continue until you think the kids have got the general idea.The general idea is that the string is embedded in the program or operating system.This image then supports the general idea of the duality found throughout all of nature.Chambers hoped to reconcile those readers with religious qualms to the general idea of a general ruleDo you eat fried food as a general rule? 2.Although an early election will sometimes be necessary, we will introduce as a general rule a fixed parliamentary term.The double bassoon should only be used, as a general rule, in fully scored passages.But as a general rule it can happen at any age and time.So you think that as a general rule, museums should not sell works of art?Sometimes, though certainly not as a general rule, the family had some influence on what was provided.But as a general rule the image must be at no more than five metres distance.But 100 yards is the standard length of a long-net and as a general rule this length suffices.general interestEach one of perhaps a group of four should prepare a brief summary of an article of general interest.If it would not, then it was irresponsibly careless of the general interest.The chapters on the various analytical techniques used in the detection and study of drugs of abuse are of more general interest.There is, we might say, a general interest at stake here.Two results of general interest emerge from this preliminary analysis.On his radio show, Bill Gordon answers questions of general interest on automotive topics.General HospitalFive of the injured passengers were treated at Middlesbrough General Hospital and later released.He is being treated in Middlesbrough General Hospital for a dislocated jaw.The youngster was taken to Bishop Auckland General Hospital where his condition last night was said to be quite comfortable and improving.general areaHe loves them when no one is in the general area.They spent nine months developing a set of 98 goals in 12 general areas.This is not surprising, if both reflect memories of an actual event in the same general area.Also, assess the general area and facilities.I lined up on the general area and made a gentle descent into the darkness.It seems worth stating at the outset that there are two ways geographical research in this general area can proceed.Convenient: Distribution should not be confined to making materials available in the general area of use.We will discuss each general area that can influence attention, beginning with comprehending sensations.general managerThere are equally significant changes implied in the role of general managers.Webber now hangs out and delights diners with Gump impersonations, said general manager Dave Trombetta.Some general managers had been rather unfairly linked with cost containment and cutbacks.Instead, the general manager has sullied the whole outfit.Timothy Melgund, currently general manager of cards, news and Paperchase, will now also be responsible for stationery.He joined Hearst in 1984 as general manager of the Baltimore radio properties.A complaint has gone to Ken Threlfall, general manager of the Durham county ambulance service, who promised to investigate.All five, for better or worse, have received recent votes of confidence from their respective general managers or team presidents.
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generalgeneral2 noun PMAPMP[countable] an officer of very high rank in the army or air force
Examples from the Corpus
generalHis edge was none too great for a general who planned to attack a heavily fortified position.I was a general at the head of an army, and the objectives were clearly defined.The Democratic attorney general of Tennessee told Shipley to do what he thought right, and Shipley had gotten his notes together.He simply notified the attorney general of a threat to the public peace and asked him to enforce federal law.In general, Forbes opposes any law that raises the cost of doing business.The truth may be that Pyongyang's generals were unwilling to deliver the goods to the Pentagon's generals.This does not mean he can get Colin Powell; the general seems to have ruled himself out of the running.But as it was, when the generals entered they had it all their own presumptuous way.
Origin general1 (1100-1200) French Latin generalis of the whole type, from genus; GENUS general2 (1500-1600) general officer