From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishgas-firedˈgas-fired adjective especially British English DHHusing gas as a fuel a gas-fired central heating system
Examples from the Corpus
gas-firedHe says I wouldn't mind another one but not gas-fired.Several large gas-fired electricity generating stations will begin to operate and that will inevitably take away a proportion of the market.And because of the wide variety of electric and gas-fired fuel-effect fires available many people are taking up this option.Will the Labour party shut down the new gas-fired generating stations, break those contracts and lay off the men?a gas-fired heaterEmissions from a gas-fired plant are about half those from a coal-fired one.Its last gas-fired plant was built in 1972 in Pittsburg.Read in studio A gas-fired power station is to be built at Didcot alongside the existing coal fired power station.Of 32 planned gas-fired power stations, three-quarters are badly designed and likely to waste more than half the gas they use.