From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfurtherfur‧ther1 /ˈfɜːðə $ ˈfɜːrðər/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb 1 moreMORE THAN something OR somebody ELSE more, or to a greater degree A spokesman declined to comment until the evidence could be studied further. The flavour of the wine is further improved during the aging period. Whaling in Australia was stopped. But the Australian government went further (=said or did something more extreme) and proposed a global ban.further into/away etc Marcus sank further and further into debt.see thesaurus at more2 take something further3 distance (also farther)FAR a greater distance, or beyond a particular place They walked a little further.further up/away/along etc His farm is located further away from Riobamba than his brother’s. His hands moved further down her back. They’ve never been further south than San Diego.4 timeAFTER into the past or the futurefurther back/on/ahead etc Five years further on, a cure has still not been found. The records don’t go any further back than 1960. It might be a sign, much further down the road (=in the future), of a change in policy.5 in addition [sentence adverb] formalAND/ALSO used to introduce something additional that you want to talk about SYN furthermore Butter sales have fallen because margarine has improved in flavor. Further, butter consumption has decreased because of links to heart disease.6 further to something7 nothing could be further from the truth8 nothing could be/is further from somebody’s mind/thoughts9 something must not go any further
Examples from the Corpus
furtherThe Soviet Union tested its own hydrogen bomb within a year, and the nuclear arms race escalated further.He declined to discuss the robbery further.Mortality appears to be higher, though officials are reluctant to put a number to it until they investigate further.At Buitoni we go even further and blend a full five eggs - quality controlled and fully pasteurised - into each kilo.Moving to a new location further hurt Tanya's business.The cheese's flavor and texture may be further improved during the aging period.It further investigates the impact of these changes on management culture and employee relations in a number of privatized companies.It is possible to make good movies cheaply. Further, "low-budget" doesn't have to mean "bad."They've never been further south than San Diego.How much further would Fen decide to travel?went furtherA leading quality expert went further.Yet the new antisemitism went further.He went further and said that the prosecution bore that burden whenever the issue of prejudice through delay was raised.He went further and tied the distances between the sites in with the known distances between planets in the solar system.You went further from home, into the poorest areas.I - I went further than I intended and I fell over.Because he went further than most into that unimaginable world of extreme pain and violence.Yet he went further than this ... food must be produced from a healthy, living soil.further up/away/along etcWe felt as if we were driving into the heart of the wilderness, our deadlines drifting further and further away.Two other buzzards wheel in on big circling paths further along, about 30m above the woods.These in turn inhibit some adjacent cells but excite others further away, and so on.The farm buildings so often found below the galleries are situated further away in this case.Could Mr Smith be another Warrior, or even further up the hierarchy of Tormentors than he'd thought?A little further up the street Peter was watching Jack.She inched further away to the corner of the sofa.further back/on/ahead etcOther elements were further back, and they started firing.For this shot you should position the ball further back in your stance and compensate by fractionally strengthening the left-hand grip.To go no further back than the nineteenth century, we have had the fateful dates 1815,1871,1914.Similar patterns of dispersal could be seen on the terraces themselves, with S3 always standing further back than the rest.The present owners have worked further on the property converting the castle itself and the surrounding stone farm buildings into comfortable residences.You want me to go further on the record with that?And it stretches even further back, to a time when men rode animals, not machines.Looking further back, we can see the book as very largely a composite of earlier extended drafts.
furtherfurther2 ●●○ adjective [only before noun] 1 MORE/EXTRAmore or additional Are there any further questions? We have decided to take no further action.further details/information etc Visit our website for further details.a further 10 miles/5 minutes etc Cook gently for a further 10 minutes.see thesaurus at more2 until further notice
Examples from the Corpus
furtherStrike action will continue for a further 24 hours.However, I would certainly not want to give a commitment about a further debate.He wanted to roll on to his back and float, no further effort.An extra half-mile in the Tom Masson Hurdle will see further improvement, and he will be hard to beat.For further information, contact the help line.For further information, travelers may contact the consulate.Any possibility of further reductions in respite care should be strenuously resisted.A further set of issues contributing significantly to globalization concerns the environment.It has one further surprise for us!The doctors are keeping her in hospital to do further tests.no further actionInstead, he sagged back in his chair and took no further action.Smith told Slater to control himself but took no further action.The allegations were serious, and it had not been supposed that the children would be allowed home with no further action.The Panel added that it would take no further action in either case.If this is satisfactory then no further action is required, as the fasting cholesterol will be lower than the random determination.While I was personally convinced that abuse had taken place, it appeared that no further action was likely.If a second reminder was unsuccessful no further action was taken.Once these have been serviced no further actions will result.
furtherfurther3 ●○○ verb [transitive] SUCCESSFULto help something progress or be successfulpromote He dedicated his life to furthering the cause of world peace. Alan had been using her to further his career.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
furtherRodney had no opportunities to further his education.He assured anybody who asked that his group was also against violence in furthering its cause.Its goal was to further school-to-work efforts in the United States through a peer-to-peer recruitment of corporate leaders.The intention behind the book is furthering the necessarily slow process of changing values.What is the continuing education budget post-entry and the employer's commitment to assist you in furthering your own professional commitment?further ... careerIn recent weeks Janet has become aware that her colleague Alan has been using her to further his career.Others, either purposely or accidentally, found the war useful to further their careers.We market them, we introduce them and we further their careers.At the same time I wanted to further my career and win more medals.Leopold felt it his duty to further Wolfgang's career from the start at the expense of his own.I couldn't further his career in any way or extend his mind.She not only got pregnant but also found it impossible to further her career in the Tory party.Railwaymen were going to object to funds being used to further the political careers of such men.
Origin further1 Old English furthor; related to forth