From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfuriousfu‧ri‧ous /ˈfjʊəriəs $ ˈfjʊr-/ ●●○ adjective 1 ANGRYvery angryfurious at/about Residents in the area are furious at the decision.furious with She was furious with herself for letting things get out of hand.furious that Her family are furious that her name has been published by the press. She was absolutely furious.see thesaurus at angry2 [usually before noun]ENERGETIC done with a lot of energy, effort, or speed Neil set off at a furious pace.furious debate/argument etc There was a furious row over the proposals. The action is fast and furious.furiously adverbfury
Examples from the Corpus
furiousBut on the other hand, I was furious.Not surprisingly, they were furious.Don't tell Jan I read her letter -- she'll be furious.He had sudden outbursts of furious anger which were always fatal to the often innocent objects.A furious argument was taking place outside the pub.Walter came home furious at something his boss had said.Ada clutched me to her bosom and turned her furious back on the door.A furious clerk chased the children out of the store.The Huskies made a furious comeback in the second half.The new import laws have provoked furious complaints from business groups.I've never been so furious in all my life.Williams got a call that day from a furious Larry Parnes.Her accusation in front of her family had made him coldly furious, she realised with a jolt.It was a harrowing din, a cascade of furious voices merged into a single pulsating shout.Tony was furious when Bobbie admitted the truth.Gina was furious with him for leaving the baby alone in the house.furious at/aboutMamita, furious at hearing her husband canonized at her expense, took her revenge.But today, the Oxford University Sports Director was furious at her exclusion.It all left yesterday's would-be refugees furious at the latest delay in an evacuation that has taken two months to negotiate.Treasury chiefs are furious at the move that more than wipes out the benefits of the scrapping of the car sales tax.However Di was said to be furious about the tapes, which a book says are of her voice.Carter was furious at this double-cross.Others were furious at what they said were government strong-arm tactics over the vote.furious paceThe facts are that within a decade of the Vienna Congress, nationalism was gathering furious pace.Small banks are also merging at a furious pace, a trend expected to continue in 1996.Both major parties raised soft money at a furious pace in 1995 and 1996, each gathering more than $ 100 million.The stage hands grumbled at the furious pace they were expected to work.
Origin furious (1300-1400) Old French furieus, from Latin furia; FURY