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funeralfu‧ne‧ral /ˈfjuːnərəl/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable] 1 MXa religious ceremony for burying or cremating (=burning) someone who has diedburial, cremation The funeral will be held at St. Martin’s Church. Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of the two boys. the minister who conducted the funeral service Nelson’s funeral procession down the Thames Ramdas set fire to the funeral pyre.funeral expenses/costs2 it’s your funeral
Examples from the Corpus
funeralThe question then arises: what purpose do Hopi funeral rites serve?Both Mercedes and Auto Union sent senior figures to the London funeral and the flowers started to arrive.No funeral was planned, a spokesman said Friday.Don went to Boston to attend a friend's funeral.The town council arranged the funeral and the guild members attended in a secondary role.As yet, no awarding body is involved in this part of the process for the funeral industry.She didn't come to the funeral.funeral ... heldEmployment Funeral directors held about 26,000 jobs in 1994.The Baptist Church where his funeral was held, attended by some 800 people, 10 times the population of Redford.His funeral is being held tomorrow.His funeral was held in Auckland on Aug. 7.Gavin Molye's funeral will be held tomorrow.His state funeral was held in Oslo cathedral on Jan. 30.Coroner Nicholas Gardiner opened and adjourned the inquest for two weeks so that funerals can be held.Mr Bland, whose funeral was held a week ago, had been in an irreversible coma since the disaster in 1989.
Origin funeral (1300-1400) Late Latin funeralis, from Latin funus funeral