full time

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full timeˌfull ˈtime noun [uncountable] British English DSthe end of the normal period of playing time in a sports gamehalf time As the ball went in, the referee blew his whistle for full time.
Examples from the Corpus
full timeBut despite that, Gloucestershire County Council still can't find another school that will accept him as a full time student.This assumes a gap of some years after full time schooling.Jacob also has been criticized for not staffing her El Cajon field office full time.But among those with children under 18,44 percent said they would choose to work part time rather than full time.There were 12 of us on the boat and three full time crew.Part-time Ulster Defence Regiment staff have been called-in to work full time.Many women work full time for the same reason many men do-they need the money for their families.
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full-timeˌfull-ˈtime ●●○ adjective, adverb 1 BEfor all the hours of a week during which it is usual for people to work, study etcpart-timework/study etc full-time She works full-time and has two kids. The success of the series enabled her to concentrate full-time on writing.full-time staff/student etc They’re looking for full-time staff at the library.full-time job/education etc We aim to double the number of young people in full-time study.2 be a full-time job
Examples from the Corpus
full-timeJanine attends high school full-time and works part-time.full-time staff/student etcPart-time students take either one or two courses a year and attend the same daytime classes as full-time students.The college is also considering issuing passes to all full-time students.A team of two full-time staff is being employed to follow up leads.JBird employs seven full-time staff members, several free-lancers and about 20 talent scouts worldwide.Recently scaled back under fiscal duress, the symphony has a 31-week winter and summer season and a full-time staff of 21.A full-time staff of 250 is supplemented by another 100 or so from various social service programs, like General Assistance.Suppose one wants to take a sample of full-time students of a university.However, it is not possible to require full-time staff to work for periods of duty which only cover the peak workloads.
From King Business Dictionaryfull-timeˈfull-time adjectiveJOB1working or studying for the complete number of hours that this is usually doneHe was unable physically to handle the demands of a full-time sales position.Mr Kasal slashed his full-time staff to six from 13 as revenue dropped.5.5 million Americans are working part-time because they can’t find full-time work.Ohio has been gaining in part-time jobs, while losing many thousands of full-time jobs.full-time adverbI can’t work full-time because of my illness.2full-time job/occupation hard work that you are not paid for that takes a lot of timeSearching for work is a full-time job.