Word family noun fruit fruition fruiterer adjective fruitfulfruitless fruity verb fruit adverb fruitfullyfruitlessly
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ldoce_805_pfruitfruit1 /fruːt/ ●●● S2 W2 noun (plural fruit or fruits) 1 [countable, uncountable]DF something that grows on a plant, tree, or bush, can be eaten as a food, contains seeds or a stone, and is usually sweet Try to eat plenty of fresh fruit. fruit and vegetables a glass of fruit juice a large garden with fruit trees dried fruit, soft fruitGRAMMAR: Countable or uncountable?Fruit is usually uncountable: I love fruit. Don’t say: I love fruits.Fruit is used as a countable noun when talking about particular types of fruit: They grow mainly citrus fruits. 2 [countable, uncountable] technicalHBP the part of a plant, bush, or tree that contains the seeds3 the fruit(s) of something4 in fruit5 the fruits of the earth bear fruit at bear1(9)
Examples from the Corpus
fruitWe usually eat fresh fruit after dinner.Pomiculture - the cultivation of fruit.Jack grows a variety of fruits and vegetables in the garden.Then it was usually delicatessen, a filled roll or some cheese or fruit, anything that could be gobbled up quickly.The seasons of history cause the flowers and the fruit to fall, but the tree remains.As the deficit developed, it enabled the fruits of that revolution to seem greater to consumers than they really were.As for this year's event the fruits of its endeavours may not be fairly assessed in the short term.As they toured the country showing the fruits of seismic tomography, they fanned the flames of interest in this new technique.fresh fruitYou can wash it all down with a fresh fruit smoothie for $ 3.A big bowl of salad, some crusty bread and fresh fruit is all you would need to serve alongside.Today, it is this factor which determines whether they will be sold as fresh fruit or processed into juice or sauce.Like most fresh fruit, they are a good source of fibre and Vitamin C and are a useful slimming food.Michele followed her in with steaming bowls of soup, a cheese board, and a selection of fresh fruit.Leaving potatoes unpeeled and providing fresh fruit instead of fat- and sugar-rich puddings is a great time-saver.Federal health officials suspect fresh fruit as the source behind the outbreak, but admit the cause or causes may be elusive.During the day I drink only mineral water, fresh fruit juice, coffee or tea.
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fruitfruit2 verb [intransitive] technical HBPif a tree or a plant fruits, it produces fruit
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Examples from the Corpus
fruitThe city was all cracks and crevices wetly fruiting, burgeoning.The black and white feeds in a narrow range of tree species and when none is fruiting it eats leaves.
Origin fruit1 (1100-1200) Old French Latin fructus, from frui to enjoy, have the use of