front office

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front officeˌfront ˈoffice noun [singular] BBBthe people in a business who manage things or who deal directly with the publicback office
Examples from the Corpus
front officeThe drive to integrate back and front office systems among tour and ferry operators is similarly driving revenues.The job can be particularly hectic for front office managers around check-in and check-out time.And right in his own front office.I would have to dress and make up in a small front office.It was from the front office.Which is why the front office felt it was just as crucial to find another dependable reliever as it was another starter.The front office deserves credit, too, for making the right trades at the right time.Traditional craft know-how was being reduced to scientific data and passing from workman to manager, from shop floor to front office.
From King Business Dictionaryfront officeˌfront ˈoffice [countable] the department in companies, especially financial institutions, that deals directly with clients rather than administrative activitiesHe has been appointed to the front office staff as a senior consultant, with responsibility for foreign exchange trading and sales. office