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friskfrisk /frɪsk/ verb 1 [transitive]SCP to search someone for hidden weapons, drugs etc by feeling their body with your hands We were frisked at the airport.2 [intransitive]JUMP if a young animal frisks, it runs and jumps playfully SYN skip The lambs were frisking around the pen.
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Examples from the Corpus
friskVisitors to the ceremony were frisked and asked to walk through metal detectors.Barking and yelping, the puppy frisked at his heels.We were stopped by the police and frisked before being allowed into the building.But she has gone; and they fly pell-mell up the hedgerow, frisking, chattering and perching where they will.If she was mine I'd be frisking her on the hour.A guard frisked him expertly, then led him into a large room.Before he could think, I spun junior around, pushed him against the corridor wall, and frisked him.A black horse was galloping down it, frisking his back legs like a colt.They pulled me aside and frisked me for weapons.They had been crazy not to frisk that boy.Then they frisk you and give you a dressing-gown and tell you to go into a cubicle and strip off and wait.
Origin frisk (1500-1600) frisk full of energy ((16-18 centuries)), from Old French frisque