Word family noun friend friendliness friendship friendly adjective friendlyunfriendly friendless verb befriend
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friendlyfriend‧ly1 /ˈfrendli/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective (comparative friendlier, superlative friendliest) 1 FRIENDLYbehaving towards someone in a way that shows you like them and are ready to talk to them or help them OPP unfriendly a friendly smile I’ve found a great pub – good beer and a friendly atmosphere.friendly to/towards Why is he suddenly so friendly towards you, Charlotte?2 be friendly with somebody3 WARnot at war with your own country, or not opposing you OPP hostile friendly nations4 British EnglishDS a friendly game is played for pleasure or practice, and not because it is important to win a friendly match against AC Milan5 user-friendly/customer-friendly etc6 environmentally-friendly/ozone-friendly/eco-friendly etc7 friendly firefriendliness noun [uncountable]THESAURUSfriendly behaving towards someone in a way that shows you like them and are ready to talk to them or help thema friendly smileThe local people are very friendly.warm [usually before noun] friendly and caring about other people, in a way that makes people like you and feel comfortableHe was such a warm caring person and everyone loved him.We received a very warm welcome.nice especially spoken friendly and kindChris is a nice guy. I’m sure you’ll get on with him.He wasn’t very nice to the other children.amiable /ˈeɪmiəbəl/ formal friendly and easy to likeTom was an amiable young man.welcoming friendly to someone who has just arrived somewherea welcoming smileThe group are very welcoming to new members.hospitable friendly and eager to make visitors comfortableI found Japanese people to be very hospitable.genial formal behaving in a cheerful and friendly waya genial hostShe was in a genial mood.cordial formal friendly and polite but formalThe two nations have always maintained cordial relations.approachable friendly and easy to talk to – used especially about people in important positionsThe head teacher is very approachable.
Examples from the Corpus
friendlyTighter laws are needed to prevent manufacturers from falsely claiming their products are environment friendly.We had not yet met Odd-Knut, but his voice was friendly and competent.The hotel staff were very friendly and helpful.Ella was very friendly, and I liked her immediately.Ken and Cliff were fair-haired, friendly, and talked a lot.The restaurant had good food and a friendly atmosphere.One surprise was how friendly everyone was to us on our travels.Instead, the friendly green thumbs at Tucson Botanical Gardens choose to throw open their gates for free.Cyril saw Ellen coming and began to scratch his forearm in a friendly manner.You're lucky to work in such a friendly office.Friendly relations between the two countries have continued through this difficult time.Hernandez has a friendly relationship with Champigny's Catholic priests and deacons.The Howtowdie Intimate atmosphere, excellent menu and friendly service.And the people were so very friendly, so hospitable.Fontaine said that he was leaving the company on very friendly terms.Misha was being very friendly today.A friendly voice answered the phone.She was friendly, which was unusual for stars of the day.friendly to/towardsHe was friendly to evangelists but was unmoved by their calls for his conversion.Ralph, the first boy to come into contact with Piggy did not try to be friendly towards him.Newly introduced males were the least friendly to infants.Steve had always been particularly friendly to me, and I had often sat next to him.Browgill Cave is friendly to novices, and provides an easy passage into its interior.Wasps are more friendly to the environment than the chemicals used to kill them.If anything, he was friendliest to them.Interestingly, efforts to support the family at work have not always been friendly to women.
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friendlyfriendly2 noun (plural friendlies) [countable] British English DGa game played for pleasure or practice, and not because it is important to win
Examples from the Corpus
friendlyThe games on the site are divided into two categories: friendlies and tournaments.By the end of the 32/33 season, the club was well placed to progress from friendlies to Junior League soccer.The team will play friendlies from April, with the league starting on 15 May.Meanwhile the Deesiders have fixed up four attractive preseason friendlies against football league opposition at Holywell Road.Lawrence will announce a series of pre-season friendlies next week, with the standard tougher than last year.Expectation had been rampant throughout June but, come the pre-season friendlies of August, football fever had reached dizzy heights.None of the friendlies would have been able to see let alone reach them under the dense canopy where they went down.Normally it was helpful, but this time, with the friendlies on the ground, they could not fire back.