Word family noun freshness refreshment refreshments refresher adjective fresh refreshing refreshed verb freshen refresh adverb freshly freshingly refreshingly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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freshfresh1 /freʃ/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective 1 newNEW adding to or replacing something I’ll just make some fresh coffee. The report provides fresh evidence about the way the business was run. You’ll have to start again on a fresh sheet of paper.see thesaurus at new2 new and interesting good or interesting because it has not been done, seen etc before Ryan will bring a fresh approach to the job. We need some fresh ideas. Let’s take a fresh look at the problem.3 recent done, experienced, or having happened recently There were fresh fox tracks around the hen huts. The accident was still fresh in her mind.4 a fresh start5 food/flowers a) NEWfresh food has recently been picked or prepared, and is not frozen or preservedfresh fruit/vegetables/fish/bread etc The beans are fresh from the garden. b) HBPfresh flowers have recently been picked6 fresh air7 fresh water8 taste/smell etcC [usually before noun] pleasantly clean or cool a fresh minty taste It’s a light, fresh wine. 9 appearance pleasant, bright, and clean OPP dull The kitchen is decorated in fresh blues and greens. She has brown hair, hazel eyes and a fresh complexion.10 weatherDN if the wind is fresh, it is quite cold and strong a fresh breeze11 not tiredENERGETIC [not usually before noun] full of energy because you are not tired She always seems fresh and lively, even at the end of the day. Despite his busy day he arrived looking as fresh as a daisy (=not tired and ready to do things).12 fresh from something13 get/be fresh with somebodyfreshness noun [uncountable] the freshness of the early morning the freshness and vitality of youth
Examples from the Corpus
freshIf you eat garlic, have some parsley afterwards to keep your breath fresh.Put the milk in the fridge to keep it fresh.Do you think this meat smells fresh?Hill's vibrant singing style makes even the old songs sound fresh.On this the farm worker is most scathing: fresh air does not pay his electricity bill.For a fresh approach to salad, serve Jicama-Watercress Salad.The army is planning a fresh attempt to regain control of the capital.Fresh berries for dessert add the final fresh touch.a fresh breezeI'm just going to have a shower and put on some fresh clothes.It's surprising how a fresh coat of paint can improve the appearance of a room.a dozen fresh eggsFresh fish is much more delicious than frozen.Fresh fish tastes completely different to fish that has been frozen.There are always fresh flowers on show.I go to the market twice a week to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.High school students are remarkably perceptive and fresh in their views.Police say they are still hoping for fresh information about the missing girl.Other revelations came from taking a fresh look at the data.I think we need to take a fresh look at the problem.Please start each new question on a fresh page.Most houses on the street boast fresh paint.Shall I make a fresh pot of coffee? This one's cold.Blue chips as a whole struggled under that burden, which was further exacerbated by fresh selling of telecom and media issues.The fields have such a clean, fresh smell after the rain.Finally a juicy ripe pineapple is sliced, and six fresh sticks of sugar cane arrive.The camp had almost run out of food when helicopters arrived with fresh supplies.fresh vegetablesfresh approachEach venue inspires a fresh approach.The changing economic, political and technological environment presents management with a new set of issues, requiring fresh approaches.Writers were poorly paid, rarely given a screen credit and never encouraged to take a fresh approach.Ryan will bring a fresh approach and strong leadership skills to the job.Because it was done with respect for the music, and with a fresh approach that brought it life all over again.Innovative new curricula in science, mathematics and the humanities combined with fresh approaches to classroom method.For a fresh approach to salad, serve Jicama-Watercress Salad.Some fresh approach to understanding the management problems in secondary schools could be much needed after the upheavals of 1985/86.fresh fruit/vegetables/fish/bread etcOn the Tuesday, the visitors moved to the Brisbane Hotel at Largs and found the breakfast buffet always included fresh fruit.What advantage did Grimsby have over Hull for the distribution of fresh fish?Inmates are allowed two pieces of fresh fruit a week bought from another allowance of 20p.We could order meals from outside and buy fresh fruits, candies, and toiletries.I could get fresh fish from the quay if I hurried.A big bowl of salad, some crusty bread and fresh fruit is all you would need to serve alongside.During the day I drink only mineral water, fresh fruit juice, coffee or tea.I'd like to give them fresh fruit, whereas the good food has to be limited.fresh complexionTo qualify for the competition entrants should have a clear, fresh complexion and be between three and nine years old.fresh breezeNo-one spoke for five minutes as they both glorified in the sun and the light fresh breeze.The wind dropped from a screaming, gusting gale to a fresh breeze.Dole is no fresh breeze blowing in from the hinterland to shake things up.He opened the window and a light fresh breeze clutched at the curtains.A fresh breeze curled the tops of the waves into tiny frills of foam that glistened white on the sapphire sea.Her head dropped forward but she did not hear the barrel being opened until a fresh breeze struck her.A fresh breeze swept the summit.The smell was terrible, despite the fresh breezes wafting in from the fresh as a daisyVictorious crews normally look as fresh as daisies, while the losers collapse.
freshfresh2 adverb 1 fresh-made/fresh-cut/fresh-grated etc2 be fresh out of somethingOrigin fresh (1200-1300) Old French freis