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freewayfree‧way /ˈfriːweɪ/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [countable] American English TTRa very wide road in the US, built for fast travelmotorway, expressway, highway the Central Freeway
Examples from the Corpus
freewayH freeway retrofit and replacement, sources familiar with it said Monday.Like traffic caught in rush hour, freeway construction moves glacially -- especially when well-organized locals try to spike it.Gallegos said the expressway could be built by 2005 and later expanded into a six-lane freeway.To the north lies freeway and its speeding traffic.The more freeway access there is, the less San Franciscans have to share their streets with out-of-towners.His city has pushed for the freeway for four decades, saying that its streets have been clogged by run-off traffic.Rising all around are thick walls of rough-cut travertine, the slightly golden stone that dominates the view from the freeway.Caltrans says it could begin work on the freeway renovation by 2000.the Ventura Freeway