From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfrankfrank1 /fræŋk/ ●●○ adjective 1 HONESThonest and truthfulbe frank with somebody He was completely frank with her about what frank about something She was quite frank about the whole thing.frank discussion/interview/exchange of views etcsee thesaurus at honest2 to be frankfrankness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
frankBut he was also wonderfully ungovernable and frank.Graham was surprisingly frank about his feelings.Cronkite is perfectly frank about how much he enjoyed the non-journalistic benefits of national stardom.Such a man, with this talent and his frank and fearless looks, was made for espionage.She sounded frank, dead calm.But what Peter saw as fuzzy thinking, others saw as a frank difference in theological points of view.Parents should not be afraid to have frank discussions about sex with their children.Her attitude to us is very frank, for which we are glad.To be frank, I was a bit upset with the way it finished.Let me be frank, Mr President.In an unusually frank speech, Glenn acknowledged the gravity of the economic situation.The doctor was very frank with me and told me how serious my condition was.I'll be frank with you - I don't think you're doing a very good frank with somebodyI warn him that the subject will not go away until he is frank with the House and the country.If farmers are frank with themselves they will also recognize that paternalism is cheap.I will be frank with you.
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frankfrank2 verb [transitive] TCMto print a sign on an envelope showing that the cost of sending it has been paidfranking machine
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Examples from the Corpus
frankThe Divisional Court felt that the copy documents which the solicitor had prepared for counsel were necessarily franked by professional privilege.One morning a franked official letter from the state capitol arrived.In 1987, the consensus is that everything must be stamped with soul and franked with passion.
frankfrank3 noun [countable] American English a frankfurterFrom King Business Dictionaryfrankfrank /fræŋk/ verb [transitive] to print a sign on an envelope or package to show that the cost of sending it has been paidAll mail for despatch should be franked.If the volume of mail is high, afranking machine can save time.→ See Verb tableOrigin frank1 (1300-1400) French free, generous, from Late Latin Francus Frank (because the Franks, an ancient German people, were given political freedom in France) frank2 (1700-1800) FRANK1 frank3 (1900-2000) frankfurter