From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishframeframe1 /freɪm/ ●●● S3 W3 noun 1 frame.jpg border [countable]DT a structure made of wood, metal, plastic etc that surrounds something such as a picture or window, and holds it in place They removed the picture from its wooden frame.door/window/picture frame2 structure [countable]DT the structure or main supporting parts of a piece of furniture, vehicle, or other object a bicycle frame the frame of the chair3 body [countable]HBH the general shape formed by the bones of someone’s bodylarge/thin/slight etc frame4 glasses [countable usually plural]DMH the metal or plastic part of a pair of glasses that holds the lenses5 main facts/ideas [countable usually singular]BASIC the main ideas, facts etc that something is based on A clear explanation of the subject provides a frame on which a deeper understanding can be built. Some comments may or may not be understood as harassment, depending on your frame of reference (=knowledge and beliefs that influence the way you think). 6 be in/out of the frame (for something)7 film [countable]TCP an area of film that contains one photograph, or one of the series of separate photographs that make up a film or video8 sport [countable]DGS a complete part in the games of snooker or bowling I won the next three frames.9 internet [countable]DLG one of the areas into which a webpage is divided climbing frame, cold frame, → frame of mind at mind1(15)
Examples from the Corpus
frameMovies are shot at 24 frames per second.That's a nice picture - you should put it in a frame.a bicycle frameShe wore sunglasses with pointy black frames.No men leaned against door frames or storefront windows.He bent his lanky frame into the small car.But even her choice of this book indicated a negative frame of mind.For example, the photograph on the previous page shows how pressed flower designs can be used to decorate photograph frames.Despite Howarth's greater playing frame, Lees was reappointed for a year.Franklin experienced many changes and used an absolutely rationalistic frame to make sense of them.There's nothing wrong with the frame of the chair, but the upholstery needs replacing.Illustrated is the system used for securing sheets to a simple lean-to verandah roof with timber frame.But it was always widely feared that the narrow time frame was far too short and would work against an effective peace.After much midnight hammering, a large wooden frame, covered in chicken wire with a drop down door was constructed.door/window/picture frameHe punched her on the head and made her do pull-ups against a door frame.I roamed around archways leading nowhere and windows framed by stone walls standing in isolation.When Joe inquired about these details, the duke said that gilded window frames were economical because they required no repainting.Burst walls, the marks of picture frames, the shadow of a crucifix.He regilded picture frames, glued back together broken cups and plates.The wind still howled through the chimney pots and rattled through the cracks of the window frames.He held on to the window frame with one hand while he scraped paint with the other.bicycle frameThe cyclist had a big leather bag strapped on the bicycle frame and they kept the set in there.large/thin/slight etc frameThere was a large framed picture of John Wayne, six-guns drawn.With a large frame the final answer should be between 21.4 and 24.6 to indicate correct weight.He had an appetite to match his large frame.A convulsive fit so that his thin frame shook.It helps to know whether you have a small, medium or large frame.She was trying to straighten an anorak around Sonja's pitifully slight frame.The Mesomorph has a medium to large frame.For each height there is an acceptable weight range covering small to large frames.frame of referenceI would like to put him in a frame of reference and comparison.And so this rural scene to which we had escaped gave me a frame of reference to understand my parents.Sometimes different people have conflicting frames of reference that can lead to problems of understanding.Sony, though, has an indelible frame of reference: the Betamax.The stories are there - we need only change our focus, alter our frame of reference, in order to find them.Models provide a shared frame of reference for people from different cultural backgrounds.Even more damaging has been the U.S. attempt to neutralize the frame of reference for the peace process.The three main theoretical frames of reference will be explored in the three middle chapters.
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frameframe2 ●○○ verb [transitive] 1 AVDAROUND/ROUNDto surround something with something else so that it looks attractive or can be seen clearly Sarah’s face was framed by her long dark hair. She stood there, framed against the doorway.2 AVPto put a picture in a structure that will hold it firmly I’m going to get the picture framed. a framed photograph3 SCCto deliberately make someone seem guilty of a crime when they are not guilty, by lying to the police or in a court of law SYN set up Needham’s lawyers claimed that he had been framed by the police.frame somebody for something The two men were framed for murder.4 formal to carefully plan the way you are going to ask a question, make a statement etc She wondered how she was going to frame the question.5 PLAN formal to organize and develop a plan, system etc Newman played a central role in framing the new law.6 gilt-framed/wood-framed etc
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Examples from the Corpus
frameThat's not my handwriting and it's not my signature! I've been framed.I'm going to get the picture framed and give it to Mom for her birthday.The face was female, sculpted, golden, mellow, ideal and framed by a lion's mane of light.Wanda claims she was framed by her ex-husband and his brother.Malcolm Kennedy claims he was framed by police.Suzanne paused for a moment, carefully framing her answer.The accused told the court that the police tried to frame him for assault.Healey agreed to defend two young men, who were being framed in a local murder case.The kitchen door opened at last, and suddenly she was framed in its bright rectangle of light.Once the framing is complete, the temporary wall can be removed.Ornate patterns are carved into the bricks framing the entrance.An arch of floral curtains frames the window.But even as she framed the words in her mind, confidence deserted her.Just look through the viewfinder to frame your subject and press the button.get ... framedEmma's got it framed in her bedroom.
Origin frame2 Old English framian to be helpful to, make progress