From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforwardfor‧ward1 /ˈfɔːwəd $ ˈfɔːrwərd/ ●●● S1 W1 (also forwards /-wədz $ -wərdz/) adverb 1 FRONTtowards a place or position that is in front of you OPP backwards He leaned forward, his elbows resting on the table. The crowd surged forwards. She took another small step forward.2 PROGRESStowards greater progress, improvement, or development We agreed that the sensible way forward was for a new company to be formed. After the Labour Party conference, he stated that we could now go forward as a united party. Britain is now ready to move forward.3 FUTUREtowards the future in a way that is hopeful OPP backwards I felt that at last I could begin to look forward.4 from that/this day/time/moment etc forward5 go forward to/into6 if you put a clock or a watch forward, you change it so that it shows a later time, for example when the time changes to British Summer Time OPP back We put our watches forward by 2 hours. The clocks go forward this weekend.7 TTWin or towards the front part of a ship fast-forward, → look forward to something at look1, → backwards and forwards at backwards(5)
Examples from the Corpus
forwardYou will never think you can survive, when suddenly you are back out in the bright sunshine, racing forward.The dachshund skidded forward a few inches on the sidewalk.Bill took two steps forward and shook Mark's hand.She leaned forward and whispered ""I love you'' in his ear.As divided and unprepared democratic forces fumbled for a plan of action, demagogues would rush forward convincingly promising protection.Despite this, there was no shortage of people coming forward for teacher training.No party in the Federal Assembly put a candidate forward, forcing postponement of the voting until Sept. 24.Can we sit a little further forward? I can't see from here.Negotiators are trying to find a way forward in the peace talks.Frank's fair hair fell forward into his eyes in a very attractive way.The truck was moving forwards into the road.She had her back towards me, her head bent forwards over a book.Mr Hoffman stepped forward to collect his prize.Greg leaned forward to hear what they were saying.Sharpe stepped a pace forward to look down at the map.I pushed my way forwards to the front of the crowd in order to get a better view.We're looking forward to the next issue, reminding us of home.In general, we look forward to the recommendations of the review body.Sit facing forward with your legs straight out in front of you.leaned forwardAllegra leaned forward a little and delicately laid her fingers and thumbs on either side of the cradle.Liu Chang moved back from Chen, then leaned forward again, placing the strip across the sleeping girl's mouth.They stopped laughing; then Edouard leaned forward, gathered her in his arms and kissed her.She leaned forward, hugging her knees.He leaned forward, the bottle tilted, his free hand pulling and twitching on the wheel and tapping the throttle.She leaned forward, then back, forward, then back.Unhurriedly he leaned forward to lay his cup back on the table.way forwardA combination of state and private provision must be the way forward.In his preface to the book, Mr Zhang emerges as some one with a strong view on the right way forward.Seeking high and low for new rewards and new ways forward.Finally, implications for future practice are discussed and some ways forward are proposed as a result.In any case, the way forward has been mapped with only the broadest of brushes.Collaboration between the royal society and family health services authorities would be a sensible way forward in improving dispensing standards.Some suppliers are beginning to develop additional faces but the obvious way forward is to create a PostScript film recorder.As she felt her way forward, suddenly a knight on horseback galloped past her. look forwardCompanies must look forward and invest in new technologies.Do you look forward to debating, or making deals?I look forward to hearing from you.She enjoys hiking and walking in her spare time, and also looks forward to her annual skiing expedition.His bosses, the directors, say they look forward to next year, when they expect new business to increase.I look forward to that beginning to apply to the teaching profession.She would find herself looking forward to their meetings and to their conversations even if they were slightly strange sometimes.We have much to look forward to.The clocks go forwardI, like many other riders, am eagerly awaiting the clocks going forward.Police say they had to enforce the law after 1am when the clocks went forward an hour.
forwardforward2 ●●○ S3 W3 adjective 1 [only before noun]FRONT closer to a person, place, or position that is in front of you OPP backward Army roadblocks prevented any further forward movement. Always enter or leave a helicopter from a forward direction.2 forward planning/thinking3 no further forward4 [only before noun]FRONT at or near the front of a ship, vehicle, building etc OPP rear We sat in one of the forward sections of the train.5 formalRUDE/IMPOLITE too confident and friendly in dealing with people you do not know very well My father thinks she’s far too forward for a young girl.
Examples from the Corpus
forwardKirstie did not wish to sound too forward.We got a forward cabin.A weakness is that it is not completely forward looking.Army roadblocks prevented any further forward movement.The message which emerges is clearly one of forward planning to avoid any undesirable over-involvement in management decisions.Troops were moved to a forward position on the battlefield.forward movementFirst of all, some forward cyclic is needed to initiate the forward movement.One should not get carried away with forward movement.Though these goals sometimes had the effect of emphasizing quantity over quality, they resulted in substantial forward movement.The bus jolts into slow forward movement, and Grace guides Allen unsteadily back on to his seat.Few games have been played in such restricted space yet provided so much furious forward movement and pace.Therefore, the forward movement at the top of the orbit is greater than the reverse movement at the bottom.Habitually swims, with jerky forward movement; sometimes dives.No forward movement was made that day.
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forwardforward3 ●○○ verb [transitive] 1 TCMto send letters, goods etc to someone when they have moved to a different address SYN send on Would you make sure that you forward my mail promptly?2 to send letters, information etc to someoneforward something to somebody Flight times will be forwarded to you with your travel documentation.3 formalDEVELOP to help something to develop so that it becomes successful SYN further a good chance to forward my career
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Examples from the Corpus
forwardI asked the landlord to forward all my mail, but he didn't.Could you forward me her email, and I'll get back to her.In most places, state health departments collect that data, and then forward the information to city health departments.Alternatively, you could forward the message as an attachment.After the report had been translated, it was forwarded to Admiral Turner.Yet more listeners' letters being forwarded to her.Examination results and progress reports must be forwarded to Sylvia Middlemiss.It would be appreciated if a reply could be forwarded to this department by Friday 18 December 1992.You can use an anonymous e-mail service that forwards your messages but removes the address.forward something to somebodyThe Post Office will be forwarding my mail to my new address.Bernie's complaint was forwarded to the city manager.
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forwardforward4 noun [countable] DSOan attacking player on a team in sports such as football and basketballback, defender
Examples from the Corpus
forwardWe've got a lot of people in the backs and forwards who can take on the strike role.However, as I had promised attacking football, I named them all as forwards.They really do have too many big forwards and not enough small forwards, centers and shooters.An experienced forward is needed, otherwise Aberdeen will not be troubling the scorers regularly.
From King Business Dictionaryforwardfor‧ward1 /ˈfɔːwədˈfɔːrwərd/ verb [transitive]TRANSPORT to send goods, documents, money etc somewhere, often after receiving them from somewhere elseThese investors get company financial reports and dividends forwarded to them by their brokers.forward something to somebodyThe US embassy in San Jose had already forwarded the papers to the Costa Rican government.→ See Verb tableforwardforward2 adjective [only before a noun]1FINANCECOMMERCEa forward TRANSACTION (=when something is bought and sold) is one in which a fixed amount of a currency or a COMMODITY (=oil, metal, farm product etc) is bought at a fixed price for delivery on a fixed future dateZinc producers should view any strong rises in forward prices as forward selling opportunities.The government plans to open a futures market for forward trading of agricultural goods vulnerable to price changes.forward adverbThe mining group has sold forward 100,000 ounces of gold for future delivery at $465 an ounce.2freight forward (also freight collect)TRANSPORTCOMMERCE used on a BILL OF LADING to show that the costs of sending goods is to be paid by the person receiving them when they are deliveredOrigin forward2 Old English foreweard, from fore- + -ward