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fortefor‧te1 /ˈfɔːteɪ $ fɔːrt/ noun 1 be somebody’s forte2 [countable]APM a note or line of music played or sung loudly
Examples from the Corpus
forteMassages are a forte of the Waves staff.Fine lines and shading are not our cultural forte.Her forte is recreating historical scenes, characters and lives.Boxing and rugby are his forte.His forte had been the media sound bite.I had never been good with pistols, rifles being my forte.But goat glands were by no means his only forte.
Related topics: Music
fortefor‧te2 /ˈfɔːteɪ $ ˈfɔːr-/ adjective, adverb technical APMplayed or sung loudly OPP piano
Origin forte1 (1600-1700) French fort (influenced by FORTE1); FORT