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formulafor‧mu‧la /ˈfɔːmjələ $ ˈfɔːr-/ ●●○ S3 W3 AWL noun (plural formulas or formulae /-liː/) 1 [singular]WAY/METHOD a method or set of principles that you use to solve a problem or to make sure that something is successful We’re still searching for a peace formula.formula for a formula for the withdrawal of US forces from the area There is no magic formula (=a method that is certain to be successful) that will transform sorrow into happiness. With viewing figures up a million, the programme has a winning formula.2 [countable]HM a series of numbers or letters that represent a mathematical or scientific rule the formula for calculating distance Sugar is represented by the simple formula CHO.3 [countable]HC a list of the substances used to make a medicine, fuel, drink etc, showing the amounts of each substance that should be used Our products are handmade from traditional formulas.4 Formula One/Two/Three etc5 [uncountable]DHB a type of liquid food for babies that is similar to a woman’s breast milk6 [countable]SAYING a fixed and familiar series of words that seems meaningless or insincere a speech full of the usual formulas and clichés
Examples from the Corpus
formulaThe 3,6, 9, formula makes enough for two 7-inch tins.It was a formula for catastrophe.The second factor accounting for the regional and central city-suburban shifts was the character of the entitlement formula.It was first investigated in the late nineteenth century, and by 1932 its formula had been deduced.The old formula distinguishing the motive to instruct or to amuse is of no service.Coca-Cola's patented formulaThe unions' move leaves unchanged the central issues of basic pay and a pay formula.Juanita's plan is based on the proven formula of investing money to make money.This tabloid formula has hooked 70 percent of the Czech audience.This formula takes into account the majority of solutes present in normal serum.Tobin's speech was full of the usual formulas and clichés.winning formulaIt was wrong to change a winning formula during the most important rugby game ever played.But these are minor misdemeanours when compared to something major like changing a winning formula.But we eventually worked out a winning formula.Youngsters from special schools in Tewkesbury are finding out what's behind his winning formula.
From King Business Dictionaryformulafor‧mu‧la /ˈfɔːmjələˈfɔːrm-/ noun (plural formulae /-li/ or formulas)1[countable] a fixed way of doing something that can be used successfully many timesMr Sussman has boasted that he can make a success of any firm, but his rivals are not convinced that he has a magic formula.a formula for long-term growthThe company has owned three chains in Canada for nearly two decades, but management has failed to discover a winning formula.2[countable]MANUFACTURING a list of the substances used to make a drug, food, or drinkthe secret formula for CokeOrigin formula (1600-1700) Latin small form, from forma; FORM1