Word family noun formalityinformality formalization adjective formalinformal verb formalize adverb formallyinformally
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishformalityfor‧mal‧i‧ty /fɔːˈmæləti $ fɔːr-/ ●○○ noun (plural formalities) 1 [countable usually plural]BPPUBLIC/NOT PRIVATE something that you must do as a formal or official part of an activity or process the formalities necessary for a valid marriage2 [countable usually singular] something you must do even though it has no practical importance or effectsjust/only/merely etc a formality Getting a gun license here seems to be just a formality.3 [uncountable]POLITE careful attention to polite behaviour and language in formal situations OPP informality There is always some degree of formality when one speaks to a stranger. The loan was arranged with little formality.
Examples from the Corpus
formalityAs the formula clearly involved some reduction in wages, this was much more than a formality.When I re-read my letter I saw that I had written it with a formality that I did not intend.Jean and Fred will complete the adoption formalities this weekend.The following morning, Mr Harrison greeted her with careful formality.Under this Standing Order, a Bill is taken to be read a first time if certain formalities are gone through.This isn't a defence for hollow formalities.The border post formalities are quickly completed.The after-class meetings didn't have the formality of a classroom.While the formalities are being dealt with, relatives should be given every comfort and assistance if they seek it.The formality of reading allows her to interact with me without uncertainty and anxiety.Immediate access without formality to the largest public collection of science literature in Northern Ireland.just/only/merely etc a formalityBy the end of the day, her confirmation seemed merely a formality.The only formality required of a person who wishes to commence trading in this way concerns the naming of the of formalityThe registrar was a dignified man who behaved with the correct degree of formality.These are expressed with differing degrees of formality in the form of statutory provisions, case law and conventions of the constitution.The degree of formality ranged from elaborate and schematic written documents to a simple mental rehearsal of what would happen next.Music groups and choirs are usually drawn to differing styles of music and varying degrees of formality.
From King Business Dictionaryformalityfor‧mal‧i‧ty /fɔːˈmælətifɔːr-/ noun (plural formalities) [countable usually plural]LAW1something formal or official that you have to do so that a process can be completed properlyimmigration and customs formalitiesCertain formalities have to be completed before the legal transfer can take effect.2a formality something that has to be done for official reasons but will not have any real effect on something that has already been planned or agreedIt will only be a formality to renew the agreement on a long-term basis.Although the sale still requires the approval of the Chinese government, such approval is a mere formality.