Word family noun formalityinformality formalization adjective formalinformal verb formalize adverb formallyinformally
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formalform‧al1 /ˈfɔːməl $ ˈfɔːr-/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective 1 PGofficial [usually before noun] made or done officially or publicly OPP informal formal recognition of the reformed church a formal agreement between the countries There is no formal structure for negotiating pay increases.make/lodge a formal complaint Mr Kelly has lodged a formal complaint against the police.2 POLITEbehaviour formal behaviour is very polite, and is used in official or important situations, or with people you do not know well OPP informal Over the years, teaching methods have changed and become less formal.3 SLlanguage formal language is used in official or serious situations OPP informal ‘Yours sincerely’ is a formal way of ending a letter.4 DPOLITEevent/occasion a formal event is important, and people who go to it wear special clothes and behave very politely OPP informal I’ve met her twice but only on formal occasions. a formal dinner5 clothes formal dress is clothing such as a tuxedo for men or a long dress for women, that is worn to formal events OPP casual, informal We insist on formal dress for dinner. 6 formal education/training/qualifications7 organized done in a very organized way OPP informal The course includes formal lectures.8 garden/park a formal garden, park, or room is arranged in a very organized way OPP informal the palace’s beautifully restored formal gardens formally
Examples from the Corpus
formalWhat should I call your mom? "Mrs. Dunlap" seems too formal.His parents are very formal.A formal agreement between the two countries was signed in 1999.A lot of people found my father rather formal and aloof, particularly when they first met him.a formal announcementThe need for formal assessment has already been conceded by teachers.A formal ceremony was held to celebrate the anniversary of his death.They filed a formal complaint.Fifteen formal complaints have been made about the hospital in the past year.a formal danceOn July 19th a formal declaration of war was made.You shouldn't use "Yours faithfully" - it's much too formal for this kind of letter.Our boss is very formal - he doesn't call anyone by their first name.The class includes formal lectures as well as field trips.She wrote a formal letter of application for the job.It's time for formal manners to be used again in the workplace.San Francisco has had a formal needle exchange throughout the 1990s.The cognitive capabilities of the adolescent with fully developed formal operations are qualitatively equal to those of the adult.Paris has a number of beautiful formal parks.Her lawyers have made a formal request that she be allowed to stay in the country until her husband's trial.The aim was to have as few restrictive, formal rules as possible - to make this a genuinely open show.A large minority favors formal separation.Some theories are more formal than others.The principal advantage of such a requirement is that it signals, in a formal way, that the procedure is under's formal wearmake/lodge a formal complaintFamily of police chase victim make a formal complaint.Yesterday Mr Dixon confirmed he had made a formal complaint about Mr Fallon based on information received from another member.The detainee can make a formal complaint after release, but this offers little solace to the aggrieved individual.If Sidacai cared to lodge a formal complaint, the jailers would suffer punishment. probably he would not complain.But her family have now lodged a formal complaint with the Police Complaints Authority which is to investigate.formal occasionsIt is sung at family celebrations like this one, but also at more formal occasions.Or rather, they photograph you only on formal occasions: birthdays, weddings, Christmas.Hence peace-makings were solemn and formal occasions, committing groups of people to restraint.The rules are most useful on formal occasions like weddings, and particularly when they happen only once in a lifetime.
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formalformal2 noun [countable] American English 1 Da dance at which you have to wear formal clothes2 DCCan expensive and usually long dress that women wear on formal occasions
Examples from the Corpus
formalA tangerine-and-lime brocade formal in perfect condition comes to mind.And the women were in their formals and they all sat down and there was not a laugh in the entire show.The school is holding a winter formal.
From King Business Dictionaryformalfor‧mal /ˈfɔːməlˈfɔːr-/ adjective done or given officially and publiclyThe companies said they expect to sign a formal agreement before year’s end.No formal announcement has yet been made.The British authorities have decided to launch a formal investigation into the company’s trading practices.formally adverbThe merger was formally announced late yesterday afternoon.Origin formal1 (1300-1400) Latin formalis, from forma; FORM1