From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishforeignerfor‧eign‧er /ˈfɒrənə $ ˈfɔːrənər, ˈfɑː-/ ●●● W3 noun [countable] FOREIGNsomeone who comes from a different country Some of the local people are suspicious of foreigners.RegisterThe word foreigner can sound negative and not very friendly. In everyday English, people often say people from other countries:I like meeting people from other countries.
Examples from the Corpus
foreignerSaleem felt that people were suspicious of him because he was a foreigner.She was a foreigner and already had more than enough to do inside her own organisation.Individually and collectively, they refuse to allow us to be foreigners through our worst pain.About 40 million foreigners visited the US last year.A lot of foreigners work here illegally.After nearly 8,000 reported attacks on foreigners since the start of 1992, it was the first big, violent public reaction.More than once I looked, too, to see the foreigner.